Chapter 14: Starlord Marth

New Characters

There are no new characters in this chapter.


As you have probably noticed, there are some treasure chests with thieves next to them. You need to block their escape route so you can kill them and recover the treasure. I recommend using the Warp Staff.


Be careful with the Sniper and the Hero. If you already have a General, he should be able to take next to no damage from them.

Also, while advancing north, make sure to not be in range of the fire dragon. Use Ice magic and a Dragon Killer sword to kill it.

While a small faction of your group takes care of retrieving the treasure, the rest should kill the enemies near the throne. Be especially careful with the sniper and his Silver bow.

There will be reinforcements coming from the eastern part of the map. Mostly Armor Knights and Archers, and they won’t stop appearing until you kill the boss.


The boss shouldn’t be much more difficult than a Fire Dragon. Just use your best sworduser with a Dragon Killer to kill him.

One of the Priests will drop a Member Card. If you wish to enter the secret shop, open the door in the north and have a character with the member card stand in that square. There are some rare items in the Secret shop.