Chapter 2: Pirates of Garda

New characters

SajiSaji: one of the three axe fighters. His growths are pretty balanced, except for his speed, which is horrible



MajiMaji: one of the three axe fighters. he wins in HP and weapon skill, but the rest of his stats aren’t great



BartsBarts: one of the three axe fighters. he is the best of the three axe fighters. His growths are excellent (sadly he can’t promote)

Note: The axe fighters can’t promote. Both Saji and Barts have solid stats, so if you want to have a powerful attacker use one of them. I recommend Barts.


OgumaOguma: A mercenary. Simply put, one of the best characters in the game. Definitely use him, you won’t regret it.



KashimKashim: He starts as an enemy (see the picture below, he is the one inside the orange circle). He is a hunter, basically, an archer who gets a horse upon promotion. I recommend using him over Gordon. Recruit him with Sheeda





From your starting position, move two of your units so they block the two bridges at the west. Have another unit stand in the fort and another blocking the bridge.


Hold on there for 2 or 3 turns, when Kashim approaches, have Sheeda speak to him, but make sure that she is out of the range of the other hunter. If one of the social knights approach the south bridge, block it with Marth and have the rapier equipped.


After you finish those enemies, move any wounded unit to the fort. The rest of your army should advance west, kill all the remaining enemies, it shouldn’t be difficult since you already killed most of them. Go to the armory if you need new weapons. Also, don’t forget to visit the village with Marth.

The boss is easy. Use Kashim and Gordon for ranged attacks, but be careful, the boss has a hand axe. Use strong fighters like Doga and Oguma for direct attacks and he will be dead in no time. The boss will drop a steel sword, give it to Oguma. Finally, seize the throne with Marth.