Chapter 3: Devil Mountain

New Characters

JulianJulian: A thief. He is mainly an utility unit, not a fighter. He can’t promote but he can repair bridges and open doors and chests.



RenaRena: A sister. She will be your main healer during all Book 1. She can’t use offensive magic until promotion



NavarreNavarre: A mercenary. Starts as an enemy (see picture below). Just like Oguma, he is one of the best characters in the game. I highly recommend you to use him. To convert him, have Sheeda speak with him





First, move Julian and Rena to join with the rest of your army. Split your army in two teams, one is going to face the enemies coming from the north (I will refer to it as team 1) and the rest will go to the enemy castle (team 2). Have a high defense character (Doga) go in front of the group that will block the northern enemies. Make sure that Sheeda is in team 1, since she has to recruit Navarre. The team that is heading west should have Marth, who has to save the village.

Team 1 shouldn’t have a lot of trouble if Doga is there, recruit Navarre as fast as possible, but make sure that the hunter can’t hit Sheeda.


Team 2 should have Jeigan at the front. Use him to lure one hunter and kill him with your other units.


Next, move Jeigan to the fort shown in the picture below to lure an axe fighter and the other hunter. Finish those enemies with your other units.


Team 1 shouldn’t have a lot of trouble killing the enemies, and Navarre can be a great help once you recruit him.

Use Jeigan and Oguma to lure slowly all the axe fighters near the castle; try to lure 2 per turn, use the woods for an evasion boost, too. Any wounded unit should retreat to a fort.


Once all the generic enemies are down, you know what to do. Kill the boss with your best ranged and direct attacks. The boss will drop a relive staff for Rena. Buy weapons in the armory if you need them (especially an iron sword for Navarre). Once you finish with your preparations, seize the throne.