Chapter 8: Princess Minerva

New Characters

MariaMaria: A sister. Recruit her with Marth.



MinervaMinerva: A pre-promoted Dragon Knight. She starts as an enemy but she won’t attack you. Recruit her with Marth after recruiting Maria




Warp a high defense character to the area shown in the image below. Attack the thief. The rest of your team should go south.


Leave some of your characters near your starting position to fight the Dragon Knights and the Pegasus Knights, preferably, use Bowmen, Banetou and Maric. Don’t forget to not kill Minerva.


The rest of your army should go inside the building, while one or two of your characters take care of the Social Knights, while Marth and Julian open the two chests to get a Libro Staff and a Thunder Sword (give it to Marth).

Once the Dragon Knights and Pegasus Knights are dead rejoin your army. Inside the building lure the archers and snipers.

Keep advancing. Open the remaining chest to get a Dragon Killer and recruit Maria.

Now you have to face a Hero with an Armour Killer. Use someone fast and strong to lure him. In your turn, attack with Maric’s Excalibur. Don’t forget to recruit Minerva.


Once the Hero is dead, the boss and any remaining enemies will be easy. Have someone block the entrance to the building, there will be reinforcements.