Chapter 1: The Grunia Expedition


Before starting with the actual walkthrough, let me introduce you to your new party.

Portrait Name Class Recruit Comment Rating
Marth Marth Lord Automatically from the start The main character and a very impressive one. Excluding Alan, Marth has the best offense out of your starting party, being able to double attack with a Steel Sword already. The Rapier will enable him to destroy Social and Armor Knights once you encounter them in later chapters. Even though he can’t promote, his stats grow well and with a little help from the star orb shards he’ll end up amazing. On top of that he is the character who will visit villages and once he gets the Fire Emblem, Marth’s able to open treasure chests. 5/5
Cecil Cecil Social Knight Automatically from the start During early and mid game, she is the best out of your 3 starting Social Knights, with a better offense due to better speed gains. She also has access to the Lady Sword. By lategame, though, her durability falls behind. 4/5
Luke Luke Social Knight Automatically from the start A well rounded unit who will not disappoint. 4/5
 Rody Rody Social Knight Automatically from the start Starts weaker than Luke and Cecil, but he’ll end up great. 4/5
Ryan Ryan Archer Automatically from the start A pretty bad unit. He requires a lot of work to have good stats but his class will still limit him a lot. 2/5
 Gordon Gordon Archer Automatically from the start He has lower growths than Ryan, however he requires less level ups in order to promote. Still, not worth it in the long run. 2/5
 Doga Doga Armor Knight Automatically from the start Due to chapter designs, he will not be nearly as useful as he was in Book 1 (there are chapters where you have to move fast, mamkutes ignore his defense) and on top of that, in the following chapters you’ll get characters with comparable durability that crush him in offense and mobility (Katua, Paola, Sirius). 2/5
Alan Alan Paladin Automatically from the start Useful during early game for luring and weakening enemies, but he won’t grow at all. 2/5

Recruitable Characters

Portrait Name Class Recruit Comment Rating
 Malliesia Malliesia Sister Visit the village Your first healer. She’ll make your life easier in the beggining chapters. However, after promotion she gets outclassed by people like Maric, Linda and Ellerean. She can use the Hammerne and Thief staves 3/5


The first thing you should do is to give Alan’s steel sword to Marth, then starting to kill the nearby bandits. Doga and Gordon should give the first blows since they do decent damage, and use Ryan and Luke (Javelin) to attack long range before Cecil and Rody directly attack so they don’t get damaged. It’s important to keep your archers (especially Ryan) well protected for the enemy phase, since they are the first units the enemy will target. Marth should heal north to the village and Alan to the armory.

At the armory, buy the following items:

  • 2 Iron swords (Marth, Alan)
  • 1 Iron bow (Gordon)
  • 3 Iron lances (Luke, Cecil, Doga)
  • 4 Javelins (Alan, Cecil, Rody, Doga)

With everyone well equipped, it is time to finish the chapter. Marth, Alan and one or two Social Knights (dismounted) should head for the castle, making use of the mountains and fortress as much as possible. Advance slowly, don’t let many of the bandits attack one of your units.


Note that Alan should have the Javelin equipped so he doesn’t double attack and kill the enemies; he should only be used for weakening/luring.

The rest of your team should stay (well, the archers, Malliesia and Doga don’t really have a choice) and fight the thief reinforcements for a lot of experience

After you clear your path, have Marth talk to Lawrence. In the next turn, you’ll be able to seize.