Chapter 10: Two Sorcerers

New Characters

Portrait Name Class Recruit Comment Rating
Marich Marich Mage Automatically from the start Amazing unit, ready to be promoted and can use Excalibur. 4/5
Ellerean Ellerean Mage Enemy, talk with Wendel A weaker version of Marich, but nevertheless, a great unit. 4/5


Your initial location:


This is a pretty symmetric map, so try to split your units in two equally strong groups, one to the right and one to the left.

To get the chests that are outside the walls, use Malliesia and the Thief staff.

You should also bring Yumina, and have her rescue Marich on your first turn, otherwise, either he or Ellerean will end up dead. After that, Ellerean will go towards you, usually using the left side, so have Wendel go that way to recruit him.

The enemies have very low levels, and once Ellerean is in your team, they won’t attack.

You’ll get the Aries orb from Ellerean, giving you a total of 11. 1 more to go. Also, don’t forget to grab the chests behind the throne.