Chapter 19: The Last Decisive Battle

New Characters

Portrait Name Class Recruit Comment Rating
Roshe Roshe Paladin Visit the village (if he survived the previous chapter) His stats are pretty bad. All the units you have been using must look better than him at this point. He has no real use. 1/5


Your initial location:


At first there won’t be a lot of action. Just be careful with the ballistae and advance. If you didn’t kill Roshe in the last chapter you can recruit him in the village. There are also shops, in case you need to buy something.

Around halfway to the castle, some enemies (Paladins and 3 mages) will start to approach you. Make a line formation and absorb their attacks for a turn, then strike them during your next turn. If you feel you can’t kill them all, just try not to leave your weakest units in vulnerable positions.


The most difficult part comes next; in the castle area, reinforcements will come out from the forts for some turns once you get inside the knights’ attack range, so try to kill as many enemies as you can before getting close enough for the reinforcements to appear.


Now that reinforcements are appearing, I suggest to take over the forts of only one side of the area so your units stand together. Scattering them around all the forts is not a good idea because usually it will take you more than a turn to seize all the forts. This means that your scattered units would become easy targets for the enemies coming out of the forts you haven’t covered and ballistae you haven’t killed.


The idea here is to survive and seize the throne as soon as possible. Don’t worry about killing all the enemies. It’s too risky.