Chapter 4: Joy and Sorrow

New Characters

Portrait Name Class Recruit Comment Rating
 Oguma Oguma Mercenary Automatically from the start One of the most impressive units in the game. 5/5
 Yubello Yubello Mage Automatically from the start Starts weak and has no unique tome like Maric or Linda. He ends up good, though. 3/5
 Yumina Yumina Sister Automatically from the start Like Malliesia, her purpose in the game is to heal. She can use the Ohm and Rescue staves. Rescue will be particularly useful for recruiting some characters. 3/5
 Sirius Sirius Paladin Enemy, talk with Oguma or let him talk to Oguma Another godly unit. Very strong at this point, and his growths keep him strong through all the game. 5/5
 Kashim Kashim Hunter Visit the north eastern village He is your best option for a bow user. 3/5


Here’s your starting location:


This is a very easy chapter. Your initial positions don’t matter much, as Sirius will beat the majority of enemies.

When you start, put Oguma at the spot where Sirius is in the following picture:


As you can see from the image, if you put Oguma where I did, he’d get attacked by 2 hunters. If you put him one space below, he will be attacked only by one (yeah, learn from my mistakes >_<). In the enemy phase, Sirius will move to the bridge and talk to Oguma, covering the path and protecting Oguma and the children. Sirius will take care of most enemies, Oguma should only kill the ones who cross the river, and Yubello should protect the village.

Because of the sand, the movement of the rest of your party will be limited. Reinforcements will be coming from the forts; they are pathetic, so you can stay there and kill them for easy experience. The only units who should head to the castle are Linda (for kiling the boss), Marth (well, he runs from village to village and then to seize), Malliesia for healing, and the pegasus sisters, since they don’t need the easy kills. Those 5 units plus Sirius, Oguma and Yubello should be enough to kill the remaining enemies next to the castle.