Chapter 7: Scarlet Swordsman

New Characters


Portrait Name Class Recruit Comment Rating
Wendel Wendel Bishop From battle preparations He’s a great unit. Right now, he has both offense and healing utility. As a healer, he’s useful through all the game, his offense will fall behind by lategame if you don’t help him with orb fragments. 4/5
 Navarre Navarre Mercenary From battle preparations Amazing unit, similar to Oguma. 5/5
Feena Feena Dancer From battle preparations A very valuable unit, like every dancer in the series. Her ability allows you to use another unit again, meaning she indirectly helps offense, healing or simply allows you to move faster. Useless during enemy phase, don’t let her be attacked. 4/5


Your starting location:


In the following image, you can see the cursor over the thief with the Scorpio orb.


The first thing you’ll want to do is to have Navarre kill a thief, have Feena dance to him, and kill another thief. You should do the same in the second turn, and after that, use Yumina’s rescue staff on Feena, so she doesn’t get killed.

The thieves will try to escape to the north. Use Navarre and high movement units to prevent that and get the experience and items. The thieves are very weak, so this will be easy.

After some time, some reinforcements will come out from the forts. Kill some of them while Marth moves to the throne but don’t get close to the heroes.

By this point, you should have some promotion items (2 Knight Crests, a Dragon Whip and a Hero Crest), which you should use. In this game, promoting as soon as possible is suggested. Also, you should have 6 orb fragments by the end of the chapter.