Final Chapter – 2: Dragons’ Altar

Part 1


Your initial location:


Note: The characters you bring for part 1 remain the same for parts 2 and 3, as well as their initial positions. Make sure you bring Julian, Maria, Sirius and Marich to recruit characters in part 3.

There are two treasure chests in part 1 with a pure water (left) and a door key (right). I suggest you ignore them and just move forward to the locked room. The halls are narrow so you can safely advance with your units covering each other.

The locked room is where it gets a little complicated. You should open it at the start of your turn so you get the chance to strike with all your units before the enemies do. You can even snipe two dark mages from the outside. Also, keep in mind that it’s better to open only one door so your units stay all together, leaving the enemy with less opportunity to attack you. This is what the room looks like from the inside:


Also, a good idea is to use the Silence staff so the Dulam mage can’t hurt you, but remember to heal first!

In a couple turns you should have killed at least half of the enemies, so you can seize the throne.

Part 2


Your initial location:


Now, this is the part of the game where we beat Garnef and get the Falchion, but first, let’s kill some Demon Dragons. The first one should be dead in about 2 turns, then you start to lure the ones at the stairway.

Once you are almost at the top, using the Silence staff is also convenient, to protect you against those meteor attacks. Once all the dragons are dead, it’s time to lure Garnef with your best magic user equipped with Starlight and enhanced with Pure waters or the M-Shield staff. After Garnef is dead, have Marth seize the throne (use the Warp staff preferably).

Part 3

New Characters

Portrait Name Class Recruit
Rena Rena Bishop Enemy, talk with Julian
Maria Maria Bishop Enemy, talk with Minerva
Nina Nina Bishop Enemy, talk with Sirius
Ellis Ellis Bishop Enemy, talk with Marich


Your initial location:


This is the final part of the game and it is quite risky if you don’t have the Again staff that I told you earlier to keep, because of the Earth Dragons randomly appearing at the start of the enemy phase.

Start advancing, and when placing your units, keep in mind the Earth Dragons can move 5 tiles (meaning their attack range is 7 tiles). After a few turns this is the ideal formation:


Julian can move towards Rena, Sirius and Minerva can recruit Nina and Maria and are only inside the range of 1 Earth Dragon. Marich, with the help of Feena will recruit Ellis and Marth can attack Mediuth once Rena is out of the way. The users of the Akaneian weapons are also on their way to support Marth. Magic users tag along to help with healing and the Again staff.

Now, at the start of your turn, move and recruit, attack Mediuth, heal and use the Again staff. Repeat until he’s dead and then you can seize.