Credits: Pegasus Knight

Notes: Any fractions are omitted, unless stated.

Attack Speed

Property Calculations
Attack Speed = Speed – weapon Weight

Double attack if: (Attack Speed – enemy’s Attack Speed) >= 3


Property Calculations
Physical/Magical damage = Strength + (weapon Might x Effective coefficient)
Physical defence = Defence
Magical defence = Magic Defence
Damage = [(Physical damage – enemy’s Physical defence) x Critical coefficient] or [(Magical damage – enemy’s Magical defence) x Critical coefficient]

Effective coefficient: 3 if weapon is effective against the enemy, 1 if not
Critical coefficient: 3 if critical is successful, 1 if not

Note: A human unit’s physical defence is reduced to 0 when facing an enemy Dragon that has a Breath attack


Property Calculations
Accuracy = (Skill x 2) + weapon Accuracy + Support bonus
Avoid = Speed + Luck + Support bonus + Terrain bonus
Battle accuracy = Accuracy – enemy’s Avoid [%]

Support bonus: 0 to 20, depending on type and number ofsupporting characters within 3 tiles radius
Terrain bonus: 0 to 30, depending on type of terrain character is standing on


Property Calculations
Critical rate = weapon Critical + Skill + Support bonus
Critical evade = Luck + Support bonus
Battle critical rate = Critical rate – enemy Critical evade [%]

Support bonus: 0 to 20, depending on type and number of supporting characters within 3 tiles radius


Property Calculations
Self-damage rate = 21 – (Luck) [%] [applies for Devil Sword or Devil Axe]

Note 1: When affected by Curse, the user takes the damage instead
Note 2: Self-damage rate is 0% for enemies

Turns before transformation ends

Property Calculations
For Mamkute = 5 + Random number(0~1) x (Luck / 2)
For Commando = 7 + Random number(0~3)

Note: Enemy Mamkutes stay transformed forever