Hidden Treasure

Credits: Valhalla, ChinaFE, Nitrodon (item-finding rate)
Notes: Only Book 2 contains hidden treasure.

To find treasure, have a character stand on the marked positions. Thieves have a 100% chance of obtaining the items, while other characters have a (Luck)% chance.

Chapter 3

Bridge Key

A few squares to the right of the most bottom left house. Chapter3_1

Iote’s Shield

Near the front of the castle. Chapter3_2

Chapter 7

Reblow Staff

Directly below the cave where the Fire Dragon spawns. Chapter7_1

Chapter 9

Silver Axe

Approximately halfway between the north western oasis and the bottom-most part of the map. Chapter9_1

Chapter 11


Location Item Location Item
A Silver Axe F Goddess Icon
B Power Ring G Angelic Robe
C Dragonshield H Silver Axe
D Manual I Silver Axe
E Secret Book J Speed Ring