Chapter 1: Marth’s Journey

Map opening

Prince Marth of Aritia was chased out of his homeland by the Durhua Empire.
He was protected by the Aritian knights, led by the veteran knight, Jeigan.
And he escaped, after much struggle, to the eastern island kingdom of Talis.
The Kingdom of Talis was a small country, without even its own knights, located at the frontier.
The King of Talis lent his eastern fortress to Marth, and offered him assistance.
After the death of both his parents, and his beloved sister’s capture, by the Empire, Marth felt anxious.
“Prince Marth…
I understand your concern for your sister.
However you’re only 14.
You’re too young to fight with the Empire.
Please wait for now.
Here you can train, until you become strong enough…”
Under the caring protection of the Talis citizens, Marth had passed 2 years at this country.
Right now, it is fast approaching the day that he becomes 16 years of age…


Prince Marth, Sheeda has come from Talis castle.
What? Sheeda, what’s happened to the castle?
Marth, am I glad to see you!
The Garda pirates suddenly attacked us.
They took over the castle, and killed lots of people!
Please, you’ve got to rescue my father!
Don’t worry, Sheeda.
The bravest Aritian knights are here in this fort.
We won’t lose to those pirates.
Come, let’s go to Talis castle together.


Bald villager:
Prince Marth, please wait.
This is what the villagers gathered up.
All together there’s 5000 Gold.
Please use it to make preparations, and then rescue this country from the Garda pirates.

Your highness, the village has opened its gates for you.
Please hurry inside.

Male villager:
Strong weapons require a high Weapon Level to use.
Flying units should always be wary of bows.

If you’re wounded, you can rest in the forts, where you’ll slowly recover vitality.

Garda is a port town to the west of Talis Island.
Right now it is a pirates’ base, ruled by a man called Gomes.

Akaneia’s Princess Nina and Orleans’s Lord Hardin have currently united.
It seems they are fighting to defend Orleans against an invasion by Durhua’s imperial army.
It’s going to be a fierce battle.
Your highness, you should go to help them.

Female villager:
Oh, you’re the prince of Aritia!
It’s like a dream to be able to see you…
This… This Vulnerary is a small gift from me.
Please accept it.

Female villager:
When Social Knights or Pegasus Knights dismount, they become Knights.
When Horsemen dismount, they can fight as Hunters.

Versus Gazack

What, the Aritian army!?
If we let you guys walk all over us, it would ruin the name of us pirates!

Gazack falls

Urgh… How…

Chapter end

King Talis:
Oh, Prince Marth.
I am glad to see you’re safe.
We are all very grateful for your actions.
Is that so…?
You’re finally heading out to Orleans?
In that case, I will send some soldiers to aid you.
These men, led by Captain Oguma, are all brave warriors.
I’m certain they will help you in battle.
Before you go, I have some important advice for your highness.
From now on, during your highness’s travels, you will surely find many people who despise the Durhua Empire.
Some of them are hiding in villages, while others have been captured by enemies.
There may even be some that have been forced to work for Durhua.
Finding these people and fighting together with them is crucial.
Do you understand me, Prince Marth…?
Well, the time has come!
You must be determined during your journey.
Good luck!