Chapter 10: Akaneia – Pales

Map opening

The many small kingdoms of this region were united, to become the Holy Kingdom of Akaneia, over 600 years ago.
The founder, Adra the First, obtained three weapons from the deities, and fought a holy war to unite the continent.
From then on, the Kingdom of Akaneia became known as the Holy Kingdom protected by the deities, and the royal family were deeply respected.
Recently six kingdoms became independent, which was also thanks to the help of Akaneia.
Right now, Prince Marth makes his first steps into the grand holy capital of Pales.


Boa, the people in the castle are panicking.
What exactly is going on?
Hmm, perhaps Nina has brought the liberation army here.
Huh, really?
Then perhaps we can be saved.
But, Midia, we can’t get complacent right now.
If this continues, the enemy will decide to finish us off.
Without weapons, we’re sitting ducks.
But, Boa.
We’ve finally chased the enemy away from Akaneia.
Even if we die here, we should have no regrets.
Haha… You’re still so strong.
Still, if you die, Astria will be very sad.
I just want to see him one last time.
That is my final wish.
Well, Midia, for that wish you must endure to the end.
You mustn’t give up.

Versus Bozen

You rebels, who oppose Durhua.
Taste my destructive Bolganone magic!!

Bozen falls

Don’t think you’ve won.
Durhua will not fall.

Chapter end

Thank you, Prince Marth.
It was all thanks to your help that we could return to Pales.
This radiant bow is called Partia.
It is one of three weapons passed down by my royal family.
Also, there is the Miracle Sword and the Gradius lance.
It seems those two were taken by the enemy.
If we could obtain those powerful weapons, your battles would become slightly easier…