Chapter 11: Gra, Land of Sorrow

Map opening

Gra, from the very beginning, was an ally of Aritia.
However, during the battle with Grunia, they suddenly sided with the enemy.
Because they were ambushed from behind, the Aritian army was decimated.
And its king, Cornelius, and the Falchion disappeared at Gra.
It has already been 2 years since that tragic day…
Marth finally reaches Gra castle, guarded by the one who drove his father to death, Jiol.


King Jiol.
The allied army has finally come.
What do you mean allied army? Idiot!!
Why don’t you just call them rebels!?
Yes, I’m sorry.
It’s just that everybody calls them the allied army now, so…
Idiot!! Those fools are just a bunch of rebels.
You shouldn’t have to fear them.
I can’t believe this. Not only did they make it here alive, but they’re led by the Fire Emblem.
Have you requested reinforcements from the Durhua Empire yet?
Yes, a squadron of Pegasus Knights are expected to arrive soon.
Pegasus Knights?!
What good can those things do?!
I specifically requested either Camus’s Black Knights or Misheil’s Dragon Knights.
Damn it!
So that’s how they treat me?
They plan on betraying us, just as we betrayed Cornelius?
Damn that Garnef!
I don’t want to die just yet.
Do you understand what to do!?
Yes, your highness…


So you are Aritia’s Prince Marth…?
Then, I have one request.
This is a magic tome belonging to Akaneia’s bishop Boa.
Originally it was in the possession of Durhua’s bishop Bozen, but now it is in my hands.
Can you return it to Boa for me?
Please take care of Princess Nina…
I hope that you can protect her personally.
Well, I must leave.
We will definitely meet again.

Male villager:
When you reach Level 10 you can change your class.
Social Knights become Paladins.
Mercenaries become Heroes.
…The others, I forgot.

If you have a Silver Card, the goods at any shop can be bought for half their price.
It’s like a dream come true, isn’t it?

Recruiting Astria

Why are you here…?
It that you, Midia?
Are you alright?
It’s great… to see you again.
Ah… Astria.
You didn’t know.
The Aritian army has already liberated Pales.
We hostages were all freed, and now we’re fighting together with Aritia.
So you don’t need to help the enemy anymore.
Really? That’s great.
In that case, I want to try my hand at challenging Durhua once again.
Mmm, from now on we’ll be together.
I’ll definitely not leave your side again.

Recruiting Katua

Lord Marth, it’s been a while.
I’m Katua.
After hearing that Minerva has finally joined your side, I have been waiting for you.
I will also try my best.
Please watch over me.

Recruiting Paola

Lord Marth, greetings.
I am Paola of the White Knights.
After hearing that you rescued Maria, my sister, Katua, and I escaped from Macedonia.
Following my promise to Katua, I will also fight together with Minerva.
However, our youngest sister, Est, headed to Grunia and hasn’t been seen since.
Once she returns, we three will able to help you out even more…

Versus Astria

I’m sorry…
This is for my lover…
Forgive me…

Astria falls

Midia… Forgive me…

Versus Katua

Wait, I’m looking for Lord Marth.

Katua falls


Versus Paola

Wait, I’m looking for Lord Marth.

Paola falls

How ruthless…

Versus Jiol

Aritia’s fallen soldiers…
I should have killed you all when I had the chance.

Jiol falls

The Kingdom of Gra… is done for…
My daughter… Sheema…
You must… for me…

Chapter end

Prince Marth, we searched the whole castle, but the divine Falchion sword is nowhere to be found.
It seems the rumours were true.
It has already been taken away by Garnef.
But, without the Falchion we cannot defeat Mediuth.
…I’m sorry everyone, but even though Aritia is so close now, we must go to Khadein.