Chapter 12: Khadein, Land of Sorcery

Map opening

Khadein, the land of magic.
It is ruled by the Demon King, Garnef, and is a sanctuary for mages.
As soon as the mages begin chanting, no warrior can defend themselves.
One… and another one…
Brave warriors come and fall, one by one.
A cursed town of darkness…


It seems those fools have come running here after all. They understand nothing.
As long as I have my Maph spell, I am invincible.
White Sage, even you will be unable to stop me.
As long as the Dragon Goddess remains at the ancient Raman temple no star’s light can illuminate my darkness.


You can’t use armour to defend against magic.
Instead, you can use the MShield staff or Pure Water.

Male villager:
You can’t defeat the Demon King, Garnef.
His Maph spell protects him.
The only thing that can harm him is Gato’s Starlight…
…Oh, this is bad.
Please leave this place at once.

Garnef leaves

I’m afraid I don’t have time to continue playing games with you.
If you want to recover the Falchion, then come to Thebes.

Versus Garnef

Those that dare to wield weapons against me will die.
I’ll show you the horrors of my sealing magic, Maph.

Chapter end

Prince Marth…
I am Archsage Gato.
I am currently using my magic to communicate with you.
… It is saddening to see you being mocked by Garnef…
Listen to me well.
Garnef and Miroa were both my pupils.
But Garnef stole Maph from me and disappeared.
Mmm… He indeed has the Falchion as well.
With Maph and the Falchion, the Durhua Empire has nothing to fear.
This world will eventually be theirs.
So long as Garnef has Maph, you won’t be able to defeat him.
…However… There is one method.
Find the Star and Light Orbs and bring them to me.
With them both, then the only magic tome that can penetrate Maph, Starlight Explosion can be…