Chapter 16: Black Knight Camus

Map opening

The Kingdom of Grunia is a knights’ country, which was founded by one of the three heroes of the liberation wars, General Ohdwin.
Since the country’s formation, the neighbouring tribes were conquered by its mighty knights.
And finally it became one of the strongest of Akaneia’s seven kingdoms.
However, the current King, Louie, was weak.
He feared the power of the resurrected Mediuth, and so allied with Durhua.
Also, following several consecutive defeats, he fell dangerously ill.
The once brave and mighty Kingdom of Grunia has finally entered the age of ruin.


Prince Marth.
About Grunia, there is something that I wish to tell you.
You should know that Grunia’s famous Black Knights are led by General Camus.
3 years ago, Akaneia was occupied by his men.
I was also captured by him.
Durhua wanted the entire Akaneia royal family to be killed, and they prepared to kill the sole survivor, me.
But Camus didn’t fear Durhua’s Dark Earth Dragon, Mediuth, and he constantly protected the young me.
Once he discovered that Mediuth had sent his personal guards, he had me escape to Orleans.
Afterwards, he was only held captive until recently, because he had won many victories for Durhua.
At first I really hated him….
But now, no matter what, I cannot find it in myself to do so…
If possible, I don’t want to fight against him.
….I just want to see him one more time…


Oh, Lord Marth, you finally came.
Is my granddaughter, Rena, alright?
This repair staff, Hammerne, has been passed down by my family.
Please take it.
However it can only repair weapons, so take notice when you use it.

Recruiting Lawrence

General Lawrence, I am Sheeda of Talis.
I have heard much about you from my father.
Ah, Princess Sheeda.
You have become more beautiful now.
I really must thank your father, for his care in the past.
General, you’re opposed to Grunia allying with the Durhua Empire, right?
Why didn’t you stop them?
The current King of Grunia is a weak and cowardly man.
He feared Durhua’s enormous strength.
Durhua wishes to use Mamkutes to conquer humans.
For Grunia, and for the innocent people of this world, we must stop Durhua’s ambitions.
General, please stop fighting, and please help us.
Uh… But…
Well… I was ordered by my king to fight, but times have changed.
I understand, Princess Sheeda.
Even though betraying my country is wrong, I will still join your cause.

Recruiting Est

Ah, are you Lord Marth?
I am Est of Macedonia!
I was captured when I tried to recover the stolen Miracle Sword from the Grunian army.
But that young knight, Camus, rescued me and I was able to escape.
This is the Miracle Sword, a truly impressive sword, no?
But, can your highness wield it?

Marth nears Camus

General Camus.
I don’t want to fight you.
You should understand that this battle is meaningless.
Nina also wants to see you.
Please forget about the past, and drop your sword.
Prince Marth…
It’s already too late…
My homeland, Grunia, must help Durhua achieve its ambitions.
It is my duty, as a member of the glorious Grunian Knights, to fight until the very end.
And besides, I caused your father’s death…
Why don’t we just end everything here?
Wait, Camus… I beg of you.
Your fight with Prince Marth isn’t what I wish to see.
Please… I beg of you, help us… No, help me.
I’m sorry… Nina.
If possible, I would like that.
But… Betraying my homeland, right as it nears ruin, is something that I cannot do.
Our days together may have been short, but I was very happy.
I pray for your happiness.

Versus Lawrence

The glorious Kingdom of Grunia is finished…
Your highness, this was all because of you…

Lawrence falls

This is fate…

Versus Camus

It’s such a shame.
As long as I have the Gradius, I will not fall.
You guys are out of luck, give it up.

Camus falls


Chapter end

Nina… I’m sorry.
I couldn’t fulfil my promise to you…
No, Marth…
You have also suffered.
I’m sorry.
I already knew that this would happen.
Since the time I handed the Emblem to you, I knew that…
The Fire Emblem must be used to restore the royal family.
But there is a price to pay, which is to lose your most loved one.
That is the curse of the Emblem…
The fate of Artemis.