Chapter 17: Knight on the Wings

Map opening

Macedonia is Minerva and Maria’s homeland.
It is the birth land of flying dragons and is widely known for being a peaceful and rich kingdom.
But the ambitious Prince Misheil ignored his sisters’ opposition and aided Durhua with its ambitions.
He led the Macedonian Dragon Knights to attack numerous countries, to instil fear in the people.
And, right now, he has gathered his soaring army to fight a final battle with Marth…


Gato, the allied army has come.
This place is going to become a battlefield.
Please leave to safety.
Mmm… I understand.
But Misheil, you truly are a fool.
! ….
Why did you call me a fool!?
You love Minerva and she deeply respects you.
Since you were young, you two both discussed the future of this country, and put much effort into both martial arts and study.
With your combined strength, Macedonia would eventually become as strong a country as Akaneia.
However you let yourself be deceived by Garnef, becoming obsessed with pointless ambition, which would lead this country down the path of ruin…
…That is already in the past.
Minerva betrayed me and betrayed this country…
But, Gato, I haven’t lost yet.
I still have the Macedonian royal family’s treasured Iote Shield.
With this I needn’t fear even arrows.
That boy…
I will personally slay Aritia’s Marth, for you to see.
That is my final will, as king of Macedonia!
Then I have nothing more to say.
Go! Misheil, go and punish yourself, for the crime of killing your own father!!


Ah, Lord Marth, I am Gato.
Welcome here.
You have fulfilled our promise and brought both the Star Orb and Light Orb here.
Then I can create the only spell that can penetrate Maph, Starlight Explosion.
Very well, take this, and use it defeat the evil priest, Garnef.

Marth, you still haven’t brought with you the Star Orb and Light Orb?
It is unfortunate, but I cannot create Starlight.
You must give up all thoughts of defeating Garnef.
Without recovering the Falchion from him, the battle against Mediuth will be very difficult.
But if you’re still determined, then you must gain more experience, until you have reached the limits of your body’s power.
Then you must arm yourself with mighty weapons such as the Miracle Sword, Gradius or Partia.
That way, defeating Mediuth may not be completely impossible.
…..But, Marth…..
This road will be very difficult.
Are you prepared…?
Think carefully about everything, before making your decision to advance.

It seems that a great bishop resides at the northern village.
But he doesn’t like humans, so he doesn’t speak with anybody.

Versus Misheil

Damn you, Minerva…
I still haven’t lost.
I’ll show you to fear the Macedonian Dragon Knights!

Misheil falls

My dreams… have been shattered…
Forgive me… citizens of Macedonia…

Chapter end

Prince Marth, I have already found the location of Thebes!
To the far north of Khadein, at the Marmotord Desert, there appears to be an illusion town.
But those who went to Thebes never came back.
So, what will you do?

I must go there, to reclaim the Falchion and to rescue my sister.
Garnef! Watch me.
I won’t let this beautiful world fall into your hands!!