Chapter 18: Evil Priest Garnef

Map opening

Marth and the others were transported, by Archsage Gato’s great Warp magic, to the ancient city of Thebes.
At one time it was a proud town, possessing advanced civilisation, but now it is desolate and lifeless…
At the central Thebes Tower… is where the Dark Bishop, Garnef, is situated.
Marth and the others must recover the lost divine Falchion sword…
And they must rescue Princess Ellis, who was captured by Garnef…


You’ve finally come.
I, Archbishop Garnef, have been waiting for a long time…
It is a shame, but to secure my grasp upon this world you must die.
Haha… Mediuth is under my control, there is nothing to fear.
As long as I have the Falchion and Maph, even he cannot oppose me.
Well, Marth, you must do battle with my images.
The Falchion will be yours only if you can defeat the real me.

Versus Garnef

Those that dare to wield weapons against me will die.
I’ll show you the horrors of my sealing magic, Maph.

Garnef falls

I don’t believe it! Damn Starlight…
But remember this.
You may have bested me, but you won’t be able to defeat Mediuth with your puny strength.
Haha… I will be patiently awaiting you in Hell…

Chapter end

Marth… I’ve missed you so much.
Look at how you’ve grown…
Father must be very happy…
After discovering that you had been taken by Garnef, I was extremely worried.
I’m glad you’re safe…
Garnef captured me so that he could obtain the resurrection staff, Ohm, from Gato.
If this staff is used at the temple south from Durhua, it can allow any person to come back to life.
Let’s go, Marth…
To bring back the most important people that you lost.
Let’s go!!
To Durhua!