Chapter 2: Pirates of Garda

Map opening

Across the shore from the Kingdom of Talis is Garda port.
For a long time it has been a poor, but peaceful port town.
One day it was suddenly attacked by a pirate gang and it has since become their base.
From Garda port, Marth begins the first steps to liberating his homeland.


Prince Marth, I am Oguma, a Talis mercenary.
I have been ordered by my king to join your army, along with my three subordinates.
This is Garda port, which is currently ruled by pirates.
The Grunian army has also come to defeat your highness.
No matter what happens, please be cautious.


Citizens of Aritia, please rescue Sister Rena.
Miss Rena helped to cure the poor and sick.
However, she didn’t heed our warning and went to the dreaded Devil Mountain.
We haven’t seen her since.
The way Miss Rena treated us was like that of an angel.
Please, you must rescue her.
For this, we have gathered 3000 Gold.
We will leave Miss Rena to you.

If your Skill is high, you can pull off critical hits easily.
If your Speed is high, you can dodge enemy attacks better.

Male villager:
Archers and Hunters can only attack indirectly.
Don’t let them get attacked upfront too much.

Male villager:
Weapons’ might increases going from Iron to Steel to Silver.
However, to use weapons of greater might, you must have the necessary Weapon Level.

Unneeded weapons and items can be stored in the supply wagon.
If you want to take them back out, just approach Prince Marth.

Recruiting Kashim

You’re Kashim!
Why are you doing this…?
Sheeda, I’m sorry.
My mother fell ill.
I must find gold to buy medicine for her…
So you joined the pirates, I see.
Well, I have some gold here.
Take it to buy medicine for your mother.
You would help a traitor like me…
Sheeda, please forgive me!!
Sheeda, I will lend my life to you!

Versus Kashim

Please forgive me, Sheeda.
I must find gold.

Versus Gomes

Don’t underestimate the Garda pirates.
Taste my Hand Axe!

Gomes falls

To think, there could be such a foe…

Chapter end

Bald villager:
Your highness, thank you very much for chasing off the pirates.
Now we can finally live in peace once again.
To reach Orleans from here, you must cross Devil Mountain.
Please be careful.
Devil Mountain is ruled by the Samsian gang of bandits.
They have raided villages and ambushed travellers.
They’re a fearful bunch.
Especially that bodyguard, Navarre, who has a frightening sword arm.
I sincerely hope that your journey is safe.