Chapter 4: Soldiers of Orleans

Map opening

The plains to the north east of Akaneia are ruled by the Kingdom of Orleans.
Since its formation, this northern kingdom has had a close relationship with the Holy Kingdom of Akaneia.
Other countries have completely fallen, and one half of Orleans has been conquered by Macedonia.
However the King’s younger brother, Hardin, nicknamed the “Wolf of the Plains”, continues fighting.
It was also thanks to Duke Hardin that Akaneia’s Princess Nina was able to arrive safely.
It has already been several months since letters were sent, containing plans to defeat the Durhua Empire…
But these sad cries for help were left unanswered.
Facing the Macedonian army’s elite forces, their fate is also reaching its end…


Princess Nina, the Aritian army has appeared across the river.
Huh? Is that true, Hardin?
Does that mean Prince Marth has finally come…?
That’s right.
Now we can finally restore our army’s strength.
But, Princess Nina, it’s going to be dangerous, so please wait inside the fort.
We will come back together with the Aritian knights.
Men, charge!


Male villager:
Kid, what are you looking at?
You haven’t seen many rural towns like this?
Now that you mention it, I remember the time I went to Peraty.
I was really shocked when I first saw a Mamkute…
An ordinary looking old man suddenly transformed into a gigantic dragon.
That was really… surprising.
I knew that the dragon tribe had some survivors.
But I didn’t expect them to be so impressive.
Huh…? Oh… This?
I found it there.
I don’t know what it is, but you don’t see many glowing red stones like this, right?
Oh well.
It doesn’t seem normal to me.
If you want, you can have it.
See you, kid.
I hope we can meet again.

In castles there will be many chests filled with treasure.
However only thieves can open them.

The Armour Killer sword is effective against Armour Knights and Generals.
The Knight Killer is effective against Social Knights and Paladins.
The Rapier is effective against them all, but only princes can wield it.
Also, all weapons will break if you use them too much.
Be wary of that.

You can use a key in front of a door or drawbridge to open them.

The scariest foes are Dragon Knights.
If you’re careless you’ll get yourselves killed by them.

Hoho! Horses and Pegasi can’t be used inside castles.
You wouldn’t want those animals wandering around inside your own home, would you?
The smell would be awful.

In the forts, there are many enemies making preparations for battle.
It’s best to take control of them before reinforcements start appearing.

If you get separated during battle, it can be dangerous.
But, having somebody distract the enemy is also a good tactic.

Recruiting Marich

Oh! Prince Marth, it’s been a while.
Huh? Oh, Marich…
Yeah, it’s me!
When I was studying at Khadein, I heard war broke out so I came to look for your highness.
Really…? Thank you.
With you in our ranks, I can relax.
You will help me, right?
Of course.
Check out the might of my Excalibur magic that I learnt at Khadein.

Recruiting Machis

Machis, brother!
Brother, it’s me Rena.
Ah, Rena!?
Why are you here…?
I was captured by the Devil Mountain bandits, but the Aritians rescued me.
But, brother, why are you in the army?
After you fled from Prince Misheil, Macedonia became more and more ruthless.
The prince despised me, so he forced me to join the army and fight here.
I detest fighting, but if I don’t cooperate, they’ll execute me.
I don’t really have a choice.
No, brother.
You should have been brave and walked on your own path!
It was Macedonia that was wrong, for allying with the Durhua Empire and causing its people to suffer.
What they’re doing is deplorable.
Brother, it’s not too late.
Come with us, and join the Aritia Alliance.
Everybody will welcome you, because they’re all good people.
…Really? I understand.
Since I’m going to die anyway, I might as well die a glorious death.
However I heard that you flatly denied the prince’s proposal.
My life is going to be hard with a sister like you.
That said, you’re still a woman.
Are there any guys that take your fancy?
No, there’s nobody…
Huh? I was so sure there was.
Nevermind, you’ve already reached the age to freely love.
But, remember what I am about to say:
Never fall in love with a thief.
…Huh…? But…
…Okay, that’s good.
Well, Rena, don’t push yourself too hard.
I’ll just go and say my farewells to the Macedonian army.

Versus Machis

Where are you?
Even just once, I want to see you before I die…

Machis falls

Forgive this useless brother.

Versus Merak

This castle is Minerva’s.
I won’t let you enter freely.

Merak falls

Don’t think you’ve won.

Chapter end

King Orleans:
Oh, Prince Marth, you came at the perfect time.
Princess Nina has almost arrived here from the fort.
However there are still many enemies in the castle.
Please be careful.