Chapter 5: Fire Emblem

Map opening

After defeating the main force of the Macedonian army, the allied army advanced further to liberate Orleans castle.
The valuable treasures in the castle must be reclaimed, before the enemy steals and escapes with them.
“The chests can only be opened by Thieves, but do we have any within our ranks?”
Someone murmured…


What? The rebels have entered the castle?
Armour Knights, seek out the enemy!!
Archers, guard the throne.
Thieves, gather all the treasures and prepare to make your escape.
Listen well!
Don’t let the rebels take one step into this room!

Recruiting Wendel

(Talk with Marth)

Lord Marth, I am Wendel, a bishop of Khadein.
The magic city, Khadein, is the hope of all people who love peace.
However, Garnef has become its ruler.
Currently he has led the mages to perform evil deeds for Durhua.
Prince Marth, to destroy Garnef’s ambitions, please allow me to aid you.

(Talk with Marich)

Ah… Master!
It’s you, Master Wendel.
Oh! Is it Marich?
You’re looking lively.
It’s good to see you’re well.
I finally caught up with Aritia’s Prince Marth.
I am currently with the liberation army, fighting against the Durhua Empire.
But, Master, why are you here…?
Khadein is finished.
Khadein is currently ruled by the Demon King, Garnef, and has become a city of darkness.
But I couldn’t agree to do his evil deeds, so I escaped.
Along the way I was captured by the Macedonian soldiers at Orleans.
Is that so…
Then, Master, can you please aid us?
We’re no match for Garnef and the Durhua Empire…
Yet, we must reclaim Khadein in the end.
Prince Marth would be very happy if a great bishop, like you, joined our cause.
Mmm… Is that so?
Although I don’t like fighting, I guess this is the only option…
I understand, Marich.
I will fight together with you.
Please inform Prince Marth about this action.

Recruiting Ricardo

(Talk with Marth)

Aren’t you the prince of Aritia?
Thanks for rescuing me.
I’m Ricardo, a humble thief.
I came to the castle to steal, but I was caught by the Macedonian soldiers.
To repay your favour, I will help you.

(Talk with Julian)

Aren’t you Ricardo?
What are you doing here?
Oh, big bro Julian!
It’s been a while.
Heh, it’s a little embarrassing.
I came to the castle to steal, but I slipped up and got myself caught.
But, big bro, what are you doing here…?
I’m not a thief anymore.
I’m, er, an ally of justice now.
Tsk tsk! You’re probably being deceived by a woman.
Big bro has always been intimidated by pretty women.
My, uh, sense of justice was awakened, that’s all…
Anyhow, from now on you’re going to be a companion of mine.
Pfft! You’re always so selfish…
One, I have time.
And two, since big bro asked of me…
I understand.
I will help big bro.
But you must also help me.

Versus Wendel

I don’t like fighting.
You can do as you please…

Wendel falls

This is regrettable…

Versus Ricardo

Has anyone seen my big bro, Julian?

Ricardo falls

Crap, I blundered.

Versus Mariones

Da-damn! Don’t get too over yourselves.
Rebels, taste steel!!

Mariones falls

Urgh… You…

Chapter end

You are Prince Marth?
Finally, I have a chance to meet with you.
I am Nina of Akaneia.
Our Kingdom of Akaneia, the guardian of this world, was destroyed by the Durhua Empire.
The world is now facing ruin.
Prince Marth, I have a request…
Please, in my place, lead these soldiers who were defeated by the Empire and liberate the countries ruled by Durhua.
Of course, Nina.
In the past, Aritia has been loyal to Akaneia.
And as a descendant of Aritia’s founder, it is my destiny to defeat Durhua’s Dark Earth Dragon, Mediuth.
Thank you, Prince Marth.
Then, I will give this Emblem to you.
This Fire Emblem is the symbol of the Akaneia royal family.
It is the proof of a conqueror, and given to the saviour of the world.
With this, you can also open chests that contain valuable treasures.
This war will be fierce, but please try your best to return light to this world.