Chapter 6: Trap of Lefcandy

Map opening

After liberating Orleans, the allied army marched south along the central road, towards Akaneia’s royal capital, Pales.
Their most difficult challenge is the countless forts situated at Lefcandy Valley.
As well as the guarding “Dragon Knights”; Macedonian White Knights commanded by General Minerva.
At Lefcandy, the only passageway to the Kingdom of Akaneia, an intense battle is about to start.


General Hermine.
I cannot go ahead with this battle.
As an honourable knight of Macedonia, I wish to fight an open front battle.
But, Princess Minerva.
Your Macedonian army, at Orleans, has already lost over half of its soldiers.
To restore the army, we must bide for time at this castle.
I came here following his highness’s orders.
And here, I would expect you to follow mine.
You cannot have forgotten what will happen if you disobey the Empire.
Your sister, Maria’s life would have no guarantee.
…I understand.
I will leave everything to you…
But I don’t believe this method will defeat the Aritian knights…
You will regret it in the end.


Minerva is actually a princess of Macedonia.
She is only fighting because her younger sister was captured by Durhua.
Although many fear her, she is actually a beautiful and kind person.
Is there any way to help her?

The port of Warren seems to have lots of rarities for sale.
If you’re going there, don’t go overboard with your shopping.

Male villager:
If you equip heavy weapons you will be slowed down by them.
So equipping light, but weak, weapons is also a good way of fighting.

Recruiting Banutu

Have you seen a young girl by the name of Chiki?
Chiki is the Narga tribe’s sole survivor.
Without this child, there will be nobody to defeat the Mamkutes that serve Mediuth.
I am a Fire Dragon, but I lost something important at Peraty so I cannot fight anymore.
Regardless, I will come along with you.
Please help me find Chiki.

Minerva’s group leaves

I still cannot bring myself to fight like this.
Paola, Katua, Est, let us return.

Versus Hermine

Damn you Minerva, daring to betray us.
In that case, you guys shall accompany her in Hell.

Hermine falls

…Urgh… Minerva…
You traitor…

Chapter end

Prince Marth, we can finally talk about the Mamkutes.
The Mamkutes already existed on this continent long before humans, and were referred to as the dragon tribe.
However, they were punished by the deities, and were forced to seal their true form in stones and, afterwards, lived anonymously in the frontier lands…
They coexisted with humans, living a life of peace and without conflict.
However, 100 years ago, at the Durhua Region the Dark Earth Dragon Mediuth appeared.
He gathered all the Mamkutes that hated humans, and formed the Durhua Empire.
He then led an attack on the human world, and soon they had conquered the whole continent.
Of course, humans fought back to the death.
But in front of Mediuth’s might, it was no use.
Then, at that time, a youth from Aritia, wielding the Falchion, a sword that radiated light, appeared in front of Mediuth.
After an intense battle, he defeated Mediuth.
That’s right. Your highness should know what happened afterwards.
That youth, who founded the Kingdom of Aritia, was Anri the First.
But, 100 years after that dark age…
At Durhua, Mediuth awakened once again.
Prince Marth!
You are the only one with Anri’s blood, the chosen one.
You are the only one that can succeed the will of your deceased father, King Cornelius.