Chapter 7: Port Town Warren

Map opening

Because of General Minerva’s sudden retreat, the allied army was able to enter the Akaneia region safely.
To allow the soldiers to rest, they stopped at the famous merchant and port town of Warren.
This town had paid lots of gold to the Empire so that they could freely rule, and were friendly to the allied army.
At this town, surrounded by the sea and mountains and protected by many mercenaries, the soldiers were happy to get a much needed rest.
…But, as if to mock their feelings, news of an enemy ambush suddenly comes.


Prince Marth, we are mercenaries guarding Warren town.
The Grunian knights have gathered from the western forts and have us completely surrounded.
Right now, we are in a very dangerous situation.
Luckily, the eastern castle is weakly guarded, so we should be able to subdue it easily.
We will also aid you.
Please hurry and escape to the eastern castle.


In the forts, there are many enemies making preparations for battle.
It’s best to take control of them before reinforcements start appearing.

It seems the princess of Macedonia is being held captive at Deal castle.
If Macedonia and the Empire are allies, why are they doing this?

To defeat dragons, you must use a Dragon Killer sword.

Male villager:
In the coliseum, you will be rewarded with gold and experience if you win.
But if you die, you lose your life.
If you want to enter, you should be mentally prepared.

Versus Canaris

Why are you here…?
Damn… I’ll finish you!

Canaris falls

Glory to Grunia… Urgh.

Chapter end

Prince Marth, I am Katua of Macedonia’s White Knights.
I’ve actually arrived in secret to request for help from your highness.
Our Princess Minerva is preparing to rebel against the Durhua Empire.
But because her younger sister, Maria, is still in Durhua’s grasp, she has been unable to act.
Please, rescue Princess Maria.