Chapter 8: Princess Minerva

Map opening

After accepting Katua’s request, Prince Marth headed to rescue the captive Princess Maria of Macedonia.
And so, decided to mount an attack on Deal prison.
Within the allied army, many suggested it was a trap set by General Minerva.
But Prince Marth believed that, in the battle of Lefcandy, he saw a gentle female.
And it wasn’t the fearful enemy that everybody described.
That person had the same expression as his elder sister…
A tragic and painful one…
From Minerva, Marth saw the figure of his elder sister, Ellis, who was still missing after being captured by the Empire in place of him.
Princess Maria must be rescued.
Then perhaps that person can also be saved…
Marth’s heart was decided upon this action.


Princess Minerva.
You abandoned your post.
Why have you come back?
If you even attempt to betray me here, you can forget about Princess Maria’s life.
I trust you understand this.
I don’t plan on opposing you.
But please let me see Maria, even for just a short time.
She is still just a child.
It must be hard for her.
General… Please, please let me see Maria.
That isn’t possible.
Princess Maria is an important hostage.
If you’re worried about her, then stop talking and follow your orders.

General! There’s trouble.
The rebel army has appeared from the east of Deal prison.
How would the rebels know to come here!?
Order the dragon knights to charge!
And request for reinforcements from the main squadron.
Don’t let them enter the prison!
Crush them before they get near!
Prince Marth…


With a Thunder Sword in one’s hands.
Even the thickest of armour can be penetrated with its lightning bolts…

This world has three great bishops.
Archbishop Miroa
Demon King Garnef
And the legendary Archsage Gato.
But Miroa died and now there is nobody who can defeat Garnef.

Snipers are skilled bow users.
If you carelessly let them get close you could get killed.

Be careful of Shooters, near the northern fort.
They can attack from faraway.

Recruiting Maria

Oh, you are Lord Marth?
(Hee, he’s so handsome.)
Thank you for rescuing me.
Please tell my sister that I’m safe.
She will definitely be very happy.
I would like to aid you, Lord Marth, by your side.
Can I?

Recruiting Minerva

Greetings, Prince Marth.
I am Minerva of Macedonia.
Thank you for rescuing Maria.
We were on opposing sides in the past, but now we no longer need to be enemies.
My brother, Misheil, led the majority of Macedonia to side with the Durhua Empire.
He was also the cause of my father’s death…
If possible, I want to defeat him with my own hands.
Also, please help me rescue my subordinates.
They are the three sisters, Paola, Katua and Est, of the White Knights.
The Durhua Empire feared they would rebel, so they separated them from my side.
But if they knew I was still alive, they would come back for me.
The citizens of Macedonia are suffering under the Durhua Empire…
Please let us fight together with your highness.

Maria defeated

Ah… Minerva, sister…

Maria was just a hostage.
Why did you… I won’t forgive you!!

Versus Minerva

I am looking for Prince Marth.

Minerva falls


Versus Zhukov

Damn! You’re all useless.
In that case, let me personally take care of them.
Die, rebels!!

Zhukov falls

The Aritian knights…
Are strong… So strong…

Chapter end

Prince Marth, do you know about Akaneia’s Archbishop Miroa?
The great bishop who protected Akaneia with his Aura tome…
He died in battle against Durhua’s ally, the Demon King Garnef.
Yes, well, the bishop had a daughter called Linda.
That child inherited his Aura tome.
However, after Miroa died, Linda disappeared and her whereabouts are unknown.
I heard she was sold to the slave market…
She must be very sad right now.
…Marth, I beg of you!
Please find Linda for me.
And protect her, in place of the deceased bishop Miroa.