Chapter 9: Slave Market of Norda

Map opening

After many long battles, the allied army, led by Marth, finally catch sight of Nina’s homeland of Akaneia.
Called the thousand year palace, the golden capital of Pales is situated just across the mountains.
Many of its treasures have been taken, and there are many imprisoned soldiers.
Marth’s long journey has finally reached one of its fateful destinations.


We’ll be able to see Pales very soon.
It must hold such painful memories for you.
The fall of Pales, I can still see it in my mind’s eyes.
So many people were killed.
The royals were all taken to the castle gate and executed in public, as a warning to everyone.
After managing to escape, I turned back to see father and mother, but they were no longer what they used to be.
It brought such a terrible shock to me…
I wanted to cry, but nothing came out.
All I felt was sorrow and regret…
But that was already in the past.
Now is not the time to be reminiscing.
Go, Marth, to the streets where I was born, to Akaneia’s royal capital of Pales.


This place is Akaneia’s Norda town.
The armoury and vendor have lots of nice goods.

This is terrible.
Since Akaneia fell, this town has become so desolate.

I hate war.
It always makes women and children weep.
You mustn’t continue like this.
Head back to your lover’s side immediately.

Since ancient times, the Akaneia royal family passed on three special weapons.
The fire bow Partia.
The rock-crushing lance Gradius.
And the mythical blade Miracle.
Those that carry them will receive the blessing of the deities.

Male villager:
Just outside this town is the slave market.
But it’s just full of stray kids.

Right now, evildoers have populated this region, and even walking outside is dangerous.

No person can defend themselves against the breath of a dragon.
Any armour is useless, so fighting front on is very dangerous.

Recruiting George

Prince Marth, I am George, a sniper of Akaneia.
After the battle of Pales, I was captured by the Durhua Empire, but I managed to escape.
When you agreed to protect Nina, I was already waiting here for you.
From now on, I will use my Silver Bow to aid the liberation of my homeland.

Recruiting Linda

Slave merchant
Do you need a slave?
Right now we only have weakling kids for sale, but we can sell them to you for a cheap price.
You are selling children…
How dare you!!
If you want to live, release the children, and leave this place at once!!
Slave merchant:
Ah, the Aritian army!!?
You must have suffered, but it’s alright now.
Please return safely to your homes.
…..Why aren’t you leaving?
Little kid:
I no longer have a home to go back to.
Ah… Huh?
You are a girl, but why are you wearing boys’ clothes?
Little kid:
I am bishop Miroa’s daughter, Linda.
I dressed up as a boy to escape from Garnef.
But… Then I was caught by the slave merchants…
Really? So you are Miroa’s daughter…
But you can relax now.
Nina has also been worried about you.
From now on, we will protect you…
So you won’t be in danger any longer.
Little kid:
No!! Lord Marth, I want to fight as well.
I have my father’s Aura tome, which he gave me.
As long as Nina permits, I can use it.
I want to personally defeat Garnef, to avenge my father.

Versus Shozen

Blood, flesh…
Burn everything…

Shozen falls

King Mediuth…
Forgive me…

Chapter end

Nina, this is Pales castle.
Pales… At last, Pales.
It’s so great…
I have finally returned.
But there should still be many captive knights in the castle.
I really want to help them.
I understand.
The enemy’s reinforcements haven’t come yet.
We’ll charge into the castle.