Chapter 11: Anri’s Way

Map opening

To obtain the Light Orb, Marth headed towards Thebes Tower.
Hidden under the sands is the ancient city of Thebes, as well as many buried treasures.
The legends of this illusion city lured many men to the desert.
Nobody was ever able to make it back.
The Sage once said…
Don’t go near the death desert of Marmotord, because at there lies a city cursed by darkness.


Jeigan, this place is…
This is the death desert of Marmotord.
There was a story about it in the Anri Saga.
Preventing my path, first was the desert of death.
With its scorching sun and blazing sandstorms.
Barbarians of the Desert Tribe and soaring dragons roam.
The illusion town was within sight, but I could only remain where I was standing.

So Anri once came here, and all alone as well…
That’s right.
King Anri began his travels here, to obtain the divine sword, Falchion.
And that was so that he could rescue Princess Artemis…
Although it will be long, I would like to describe the legend of Anri.
100 years ago…
The ruler of this continent, the Holy Kingdom of Akaneia, was destroyed by the dragon tribe.
Humans were enslaved and lived each day in despair.
Some people wielded weapons to fight back, but they couldn’t defeat the dragon tribe, and many people died.
Also, the humans’ only hope, the Akaneia royal family, was wiped out, and so the world lost all hope.
However, at that time, at a small city called Aritia.
It was discovered that the princess of Akaneia was hiding there.
The angered Durhua Empire sent soldiers to Aritia, aiming to capture the princess.
That princess… Artemis was prepared to give up her own life to save the citizens.
However the citizens of Aritia swore that, even if they were completely annihilated, they would protect the princess.
Knowing that the princess was still alive, the citizens of Pales gathered a liberation army, and continued the fight against the Durhua Empire.
The leader of the liberation army, Duke Cartas, fought with the royal shield, given to him by Artemis.
As a result, he received enormous support.
Thanks to his efforts, the war finally began to become in their favour.
But then, the king of the Earth Dragons, Mediuth, finally moved out.
The dark breath of Earth Dragons possessed horrendous destructive power and had the effect of halving the enemy’s strength.
Under such a dire situation it was thought that Aritia’s resistance wasn’t going to hold out.
Then, at that time, a Sage appeared and told the people that at the Ice Dragons’ Temple, to the distant north, was a sword blessed by the deities.
With that sword, the Earth Dragons could be defeated, but it definitely wasn’t an easy task to reach the temple…
So Anri, to save his beloved Artemis, left on a journey to obtain the sword?
Yes, that’s right.
But I think that’s enough for today.
We still have a long road ahead of us…

Chapter end

It’s been a long time, it’s me Chiki!
I really missed you.
Huh… Chiki!?
You came here to meet us?
That’s right… You’re with Gato right now.
But, I haven’t seen you for a while and you’ve grown.
Have you been well?
I’ve been really lonely.
You didn’t come to visit me…
I’m sorry…
But, I hadn’t forgotten about you, Chiki.
I wanted to ask you to come to Aritia, after things had settled down.
…I love you♥
…As if.
I wouldn’t say something like that.
Ch… Chainy!!!
Ah, I’m really sorry.
I couldn’t help it after seeing that serious expression on your face…
Sorry, don’t be angry.
I was ordered, by Gato, to wait here for you.
While I was waiting I got more and more angry, wondering why I had to do something so boring.
So I thought I’d think of a prank to pull on you.
But, my Chiki impression was pretty good wasn’t it?
Huh, what’s with the anxious face?
Okay, let’s go.
You want to meet Gato, right?
Chainy, how would you know Gato?
Who are you?
Oh, that doesn’t really matter.
Well, don’t just stand there.
Follow me.