Chapter 13: Frozen Land

Map opening

This truly is an unimaginably treacherous journey.
5000 metres…
No, higher than that.
Looking down, a sea of clouds can be seen.
They have reached the summit of the cold mountain peak.
Breathing is difficult…
Dizziness is felt…
Their vitality is fast approaching its limits.


Chainy, we’ve already climbed this high.
It’s so cold…
Even breathing is hard.
We’re almost there.
Look, can you see over there?
That’s the Ice Dragons’ Temple where Gato is.
But, that was quite a shock.
Chiki is actually the daughter of the Divine Dragon King.
Also, both Gato and you are Divine Dragons.
When the Divine Dragons fought the Earth Dragons they over-exhausted their dragonstones, and so practically became extinct.
Aside from Narga, only Gato, me and the just born Chiki survived.
However, after the war we discarded our dragonstones, so we could no longer become dragons again.
Even so, I still have knowledge and power that exceeds that of humans.
Gato followed Narga’s orders to protect humans, but that’s got nothing to do with me.
I don’t like humans.
They scorned the Mamkutes, even though they had lost their power, and treated them like filth.
I can fully understand why Mediuth and the others hated humans so much.
The Earth Dragon King, Mediuth, tricked his own tribe and became a Mamkute by himself.
He used to follow Narga’s orders and guarded the Dragons’ Altar.
However the once docile humans finally achieved power and became aggressive.
They even started to attack the Mamkutes that lived in peace.
The Mamkutes were angered by the betrayal of humans, and gathered at the Durhua region.
They formed their own kingdom of Mamkutes and began a war to conquer the humans.
To save the humans, Gato handed the Falchion to Anri and he created an academy of magic at Khadein.
But whoever won wasn’t any of my concern.
Then, why are you helping me?
I’m also a human…
You’re different from the others.
You don’t seem like an unreliable person either…
Thank you, Chainy.
Don’t… don’t be silly.
I’ll get embarrassed.
Anyway, let’s head to the temple, but be careful of the Ice Dragons.
Although they’re also wild dragons, they will instinctively try to protect their temple.
Poor guys…

Chapter end

Hey, Chainy.
Gato didn’t really mention anything about the five Orbs, but I thought they were very important.
Do you know anything about them?
Gato was afraid of shocking you so he didn’t say anything.
I will tell you.
However, after I’ve told you, you’ll probably think it was better off not knowing.
The orbs rest on the shield that seals the Earth Dragons…
Basically they are part of the Shield of Seals.
Since ancient times, the Divine Dragons have passed down these sacred jewels, each possessing different powers.
To put it simply, the shield is just a pedestal and the five Orbs are what creates the power of the seal.
So if any one of the Orbs is lost the seal will weaken.
Hmm, is that so?
But, how comes the Orbs were scattered?
Because the shield was broken.
The Shield of Seals was displayed at the Raman Temple, and it was stolen by somebody who ended up breaking it…
When did that happen?
Around 600 years ago.
To recover the shield, Gato spent many years searching the lands.
In the end, he only found the five Orbs, with the shield nowhere to be seen.
Not only that, but the five orbs, which he painfully collected, were scattered again after Raman Temple was attacked in the previous war.
Really? …So that was why Gato was looking for the lost jewels… the Orbs?
Yep, the Star, Light and Earth… as well as the Dark and Life Orbs.
The Light Orb is in Gato’s possession, the Star Orb was shattered and the Dark Orb was given to Hardin by Garnef.
The Earth Orb is in Aritia, and all that remains is the Life Orb.
Ah… Anyway, let’s enter the temple.
From now on I will also help you fight.
Well, let’s go!