Chapter 18: Battle of the Pass

Map opening

To avoid needless battle, the Aritian army decided to cross the central mountain range, said to be impassable for a large army.
Once they passed Adria Peak, they would be directly at Pales.
Hurry, we can’t let the enemy spot us!
We must charge straight through!!
Marth and the others were anxious, but they carried on advancing across the narrow mountain road.
But they didn’t expect, in the middle of the cliff, to be ambushed by an unfathomable enemy.
They were the northern Kingdom of Orleans’s elite squad, the “Wolf Knights”, who had headed south to aid Akaneia.


Wolf, Zagaro, Biraku.
Is this really okay…?
Can we really fight this battle?
Roshe! What are you trying to say?
Look, the Aritian army is marching along the narrow mountain road.
Now’s our only chance to defeat them.
Yes, Roshe.
We swore that we could sacrifice our lives for Lord Hardin.
Lord Hardin was the one who freed us plains people from slavery.
If we don’t fight Aritia now, Pales will fall.
Do you want Lord Hardin to be defeated by them?
That’s right!
Prince Marth wants to destroy Akaneia, and conquer the world.
And that’s why he joined forces with Macedonia to crush Grunia.
Now he even has Gra under his rule.
If we don’t do something, the whole world will fall under his control.
I still don’t believe it.
I cannot believe Prince Marth would have such ambitions.
What? Are you saying that Emperor Hardin lied?
Do you think that he would stoop to such a low!?
Enough, Roshe!!
You disappoint me, if you want to betray us then go ahead.
Zagaro, Biraku, let’s go.
If we’re too slow, they will pass us.
Hey, wait!
I won’t betray you.
I understand… I’ll go.


King Orleans:
Oh, Prince Marth.
It is good to see you.
Huh, aren’t you King Orleans?!
What are you doing here?
King Orleans:
I came here to stop my country’s army.
Also I must apologise to your highness.
I believed Hardin’s words and followed Akaneia, but I now realise my wrongs.
Akaneia’s Empress Nina secretly sent me a letter, saying that Hardin isn’t normal and is ill…
My country will remain neutral, and its knights will return to Orleans.
I hope you won’t attack my men anymore.
I understand, your highness.
I don’t want to fight with you.
Please forgive me for taking so many of your knights’ lives.
King Orleans:
Oh! You really are like what the rumours say.
My body is frail and I have no children, and even Hardin, my younger brother, has completely changed.
Prince Marth, please protect Orleans in my place.
I will hand my whole country to you.
I give this jewel to you as a gift.
This is a magical jewel containing the divine power of life.
I spent a lot of gold to buy it from a travelling merchant.
I believe it will be useful to you.
Don’t worry about Hardin.
Since he is a knight, it is natural for him to die in battle.
That is his fate.
Well, Prince Marth, I will go on ahead.
I hope you will all be safe…

Versus Wolf

The leader of Orleans’ knights, Wolf, is here for your head!

Wolf falls

Lord Hardin…

Versus Biraku

As long as we’re here, we won’t let you get to Pales.
If you don’t want to die, run back to your country!

Biraku falls

Lord Hardin…

Versus Zagaro

Why are you invading other countries?
Have you been blinded by ambition?

Zagaro falls

Lord Hardin…

Versus Roshe

I am Roshe of the Orleans knights.
I don’t want to fight, but I can’t betray my companions.
Please forgive me…

Roshe falls

Lord Hardin…

Chapter end

Jeigan, it seems we’ve finally crossed the peak.
Pales isn’t far from here.
Yes, if we go down from here, we will reach the capital of Pales in an instant.
Also, your highness, I just received news of an attempted coup in Pales.
The knights and civilians who opposed Hardin’s actions rebelled against him.
It seems their leader was Lady Midia.
What! Midia…?
What happened?
Unfortunately Lady Midia was defeated, and was captured…
Each day many people are executed.
It is only a matter of time before Lady Midia shares the same fate.
Damn, Hardin…
I can’t believe that he would do that.
Alright, let’s go and rescue Midia!
We must hurry to Pales and end this once and for all.
Jeigan, let’s go!!