Chapter 7: Scarlet Swordsman

Map opening

After liberating Grunia, Marth accepted Wendel’s request to find the lost Orbs, and headed to Raman Temple.
However the ancient temple, built to worship Narga, was wrecked by constant warring and has now become a thieves’ hideout.
“They’re escaping with the temple’s valuable treasures.
We mustn’t let them take them away. We must recover them!!”
“We mustn’t attract the attention of the soldiers guarding Cashmere Bridge.
We don’t stand a chance of winning, so don’t approach at all costs.”
“Also it seems there’s a travelling child dancer who’s lost her way in the forests. We must rescue her before she gets ambushed by the thieves!”
After the troops received their orders, they surrounded Raman Temple.
The flame of a new battle was about to ignite.


Huff, huff…
Please… Help…
Those thieves… are going to…
Why… aren’t you saying anything?
Oh, could it be!?
You… are… one of them?
I understand…
You can do as you please!
If you must kill, then kill me!!
Follow me.
The Aritian army is approaching from the south of this forest.
I will take you to them…
Huh, why are you helping me?
Aren’t you a thief as well?
I was until now.
But, I’ve changed my mind.
Within the Aritian army there is somebody I want to see, that’s all…
But, in reality it’s because I’m cute, right?
But, that’s alright.
My name is Feena.
I’m a dancer from Warren.
Just seeing me dance will raise peoples’ spirits.
I’ll show you as well.
Oh, that’s right.
I was following a performing company, but I lost my way in the forests.
And then I was ambushed by thieves…
But this is great.
Even though you look frightful, you’re really a gentle guy.
However, your appearance is…
Your face isn’t too bad, but your fashion sense is so and so.
Also there’s that hair. Does anybody have hair like that these days…?
Enough! Have you finished yet!?
Anyway, just don’t leave my side.
We’ll head through the passageway towards the west and make our escape.
If you don’t want to die, then be quiet!!
Ah… Ye-yes.
I’m sorry…


Whatever you do, don’t get close to that tunnel.
I heard that a scary fire dragon lives in there.

Male villager:
Astria’s mercenaries are guarding the fortress.
They’re so strong that even cry-babies are scared silent by them.
“One less problem is better than one more problem.”
That’s my best advice for you.

The holy Raman Temple, to the thieves, is just an ancient building.
Those thieving rogues living in there, it’s just terrible.

Have you seen that child’s dance?
It is really good.
Seeing it instantly rejuvenates my tired body.

Versus Astria

You foul traitors!
Taste the might of my Miracle Sword!

Astria falls


Versus Dahl

Stealing what rightfully belongs to us thieves.
To think there could be such people in this world…
You lot are monsters!

Dahl falls


Chapter end

Your highness, we’ve finally got rid of the thieves, but the temple has been completely wrecked by them and there’s nothing left there.
Really, even Raman Temple has been reduced to ruins?
This is a frightful age we’re in.
Yes, I bet even the Guardian God Narga is furious.
It’s as if we’re heading towards the ruin of this world.
Jeigan, you know of the tales of Narga?
Can you tell me what you know of them?
Yes, but I only know a little…
This occurred almost a thousand years ago.
Back then there were no kingdoms in this continent, and people lived separately in small villages.
At that time there existed frightful monsters, which would occasionally attack humans.
At one stage, only around 10,000 humans remained and mankind was nearing extinction.
It was said that the surviving humans prayed to the deities for help.
The deities answered their wishes and sent a gigantic warrior to the earth.
That warrior held in his right hand a sword of light.
In his left hand was a shield encrusted with five jewels.
After many violent battles, the monsters were defeated and the warrior returned to the heavens…
That warrior was the Guardian God Narga, who was worshipped in this very temple.
“He assumed the form of a god, and became our Guardian God…”
Your highness, you should know that line from the first chapter of the Raman Bible.
Hmm, I have heard that before.
The tales of Narga…
Your highness, we must cross Cashmere Bridge next.
If we don’t hurry, the enemy will gain full control of it and we won’t be able to cross.
Hmm, that’s true.
That bridge could become very dangerous.
Okay, tell all the troops that we’re going to break across Cashmere Bridge, and make sure that nobody falls behind!