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And so, the devastating
War of Heroes came to
an end.

Here are the records of war.

(Reached up to Final Chapter 2-3)

And so the tragic War
of Heroes finally came
to an end.

The seven kingdoms were
unified by Prince Marth.
The united Kingdom of
Akaneia was established
and peace reigned.

The tales of the heroes
were remembered by
future generations.

Akaneia’s hero saga…

This is the story of
the brave warriors
who saved Akaneia…

Chapter records

Turns taken

Ch 1 The Grunia expedition    — Turns
Ch 2 Rebellion of Macedonia    — Turns
Ch 3 Abducted princess    — Turns
Ch 4 Joy and sorrow    — Turns
Ch 5 Liberation of Grunia    — Turns
Ch 6 The nest of vice    — Turns
Ch 7 Scarlet swordsman    — Turns
Ch 8 Soulful Bridge    — Turns
Ch 9 Sanctuary of sorcery    — Turns
Ch 10 Two sorcerers    — Turns
Ch 11 Anri’s Way    — Turns
Ch 12 Graveyard of fire dragons    — Turns
Ch 13 Frozen land    — Turns
Ch 14 A mystery revealed    — Turns
Ch 15 Return of the prince    — Turns
Ch 16 Regaining the capital    — Turns
Ch 17 Setting sun of Gra    — Turns
Ch 18 Battle of the pass    — Turns
Ch 19 The last decisive battle    — Turns
Ch 20 Dark Emperor    — Turns
Ch F1 Dragons’ Dale    — Turns
Ch F2 Dragons’ Altar    — Turns

Book 2 total    —- Turns

Character records and endings

Personal records

(Format is:

Character title Name
— Wins — Losses —- Experience)

Aritia’s prince Marth
He became the 5th King of Aritia and, as the leader of the unified Kingdom of Akaneia, worked tirelessly to restore the devastated nations.

Marth’s fiancé Sheeda
After the war her long-awaited dream was realised, as the day of her wedding with Marth came.
Clothed in a snow-white dress, her appearance was as beautiful as an angel.
And for her it was a joyous day that she would never forget in her life.

Aritia knight Cecil
She remained within the royal knights to care for the survivors of war.
She swore, as a Paladin of Aritia, to stay loyal to Aritia to the end.

Aritia knight Kain
He became the leader of Aritia’s royal knights. After Jeigan’s death, he became Marth’s most trusted subordinate.

Aritia knight Abel
After the war, he left the country to find Est and afterwards he wasn’t seen again.
(Est died)
Saddened by the loss of Est, he left Aritia and afterwards he wasn’t seen again.

Aritia knight Doga
Following Marth’s orders, he became the leader of the Grunia occupation army.

Aritia archer Gordon
For some reason he left the Aritia knights for Pales. Later he joined Akaneia’s free knights.

Talis mercenary Oguma
After the war he vanished.

Aritia knight Luke
He left the knights, and once again travelled as a jobless man…

Aritia knight Rody
He remained within the knights and worked under Marth. Later he became one of the continent’s few Paladins.

Aritia archer Ryan
He remained at Aritia, and joined the Temple knights.

Talis swindler Kashim
He joined the Akaneia free knights and later returned to Talis to live with his mother. He collected much savings…

Macedonia bishop Rena
At a monastery in Macedonia she cared for orphans.

Honest thief Julian
Along with Rena he cared for orphans at a monastery in Macedonia.
(If Rena died)
He continued his beloved Rena’s will and cared for orphans.

Scarlet swordsman Navarre
He ignored the hopes of others, and once again left like the wind.

Wind mage Marich
At Pales’ magic academy he taught sorcery to the youths.

Grunia prince Yubello
Overseen by King Marth, he studied hard at Aritia.

Grunia princess Yumina
She studied at Pales’ magic academy, and is on the road to becoming a fully fledged Sister.

Grunia maiden Malliesia
After the war she vanished without a trace, much to Marth’s worry. Perhaps she has already become a bad girl…

Orleans knight Roshe
After the war he went to Orleans, perhaps to offer prayers for Hardin…

Macedonia hunter Warren
He returned to Macedonia, and became a hunter once more.

Foolish brother Machis
He continued passing his days casually working in Macedonia.

Khadein’s Archbishop Wendel
As the Archbishop, he returned to Khadein and worked tirelessly to restore the magic city.

Julian’s bro Ricardo
It seems he returned to thievery once again. Truly a fool…

Chiki’s guardian Banutu
After discarding his dragonstone he left for whereabouts unknown.

Random mercenary Samto
After the war he vanished. It is rumoured that he still uses Navarre’s name to fool others…
(Navarre died)
He trained his sword to succeed the fallen Navarre.

Khadein mage Ellerean
He became a High Bishop of Khadein, and worked to restore the magic city.

Macedonia knight Katua
While she missed her elder sister, she worked tirelessly to restore Macedonia.
(Paola died)
While the death of Paola pained her, she worked tirelessly to restore Macedonia.

Macedonia knight Paola
She buried her troubling thoughts and persevered with her work.

Macedonia princess Minerva
She abandoned the Macedonia throne to work at Rena’s monastery.

Minerva’s sister Maria
At Rena’s monastery she cared for the orphans who had lost their parents.

Light Mage Linda
She worked in Pales’ magic academy. Perhaps she has found an idol, as she has become more beautiful recently.

Greatest archer George
After the war, he formed the Akaneia free knights to protect people from thieves.

Akaneia knight Midia
She joined the Akaneia free knights, to serve her people.

Akaneia princess Nina
After the war, she left Akaneia in Marth’s hands and vanished…

Travelling dancer Feena
After the war, she left with the one like the wind.

Gra princess Sheema
She refused Marth’s request, and abandoned the Gra throne. She now lives as a citizen of Pales.

Masked knight Sirius
After the war he vanished without speaking a word…

Akaneia mercenary Astria
He joined the Akaneia free knights to serve his people. Recently he finally married his loved one…

Divine youth Chainy
After the war he once again vanished without a trace.

Ill Paladin Alan
After the war ended he died of illness…

Sheema’s hero Samson
After the war he resided permanently at Pales…

Divine princess Chiki
She lived her days happily, warmly surrounded by the citizens of Pales.

Wayward knight Est
After the war she left Abel and vanished.
(Abel died)
Saddened by the loss of Abel, she vanished after the war.

Aritia princess Ellis
She established a magic academy at Pales. Later she married, and passed her days happily.

Staff roll

Perfect Ending chronology

(Played through from the start of Book 1 to the end of Book 2, with all characters recruited and alive)

Complete conquest chronicles – History of Akaneia
(From the records of the War of Heroes)


Dragon tribe’s golden age; an advanced civilization under the rule of the
Divine Dragon Tribe is built on the whole continent.


Decline of the dragon tribe. Signs of degeneration, fall of birth rate.
By the elders’ advice, part of the dragon tribe
takes human form.


The Earth Dragon tribe, which became wild, attacks mankind.
Mankind is on the verge of destruction.
The King of the Divine Dragon tribe, Narga, opposes this,
and protects mankind.


Narga seals the sword and the holy jewels’ shield
carved from his own fang, at Raman Temple,
and dies at Thebes.


Raman Temple is devastated by someone,
and the sword and shield are taken away.

First year of the Akaneia calendar

The Holy Kingdom of Akaneia is founded.
Dragons that have lost their powers, Mamkutes, are despised by people,
and live poorly in a remote region of the earth.


The King of the Earth Dragon tribe, Mediuth, founds the Durhua Empire.
He is hostile towards mankind.


The Durhua Empire marches on Pales, the royal capital.
Fall of the Holy Kingdom of Akaneia.


Anri, a youth of Aritia, a town in development in a remote region,
obtains the Divine Sword, Falchion, and slays Mediuth.
Fall of the Durhua Empire.
The Kingdom of Akaneia is restored.


The King of Akaneia, Cartas, subjugates the northern plains,
and founds there the Kingdom of Orleans.
Its first king is Count Marlon, King Cartas’ younger brother.


Founding of the Kingdom of Aritia by Anri the Hero.


The Kingdom of Grunia is founded by General Ohdwin,
Grunia garrison’s leader.


Macedonia’s settlers hail gladiator Iote as King,
and founds the Kingdom of Macedonia.


Anri, King of Aritia, dies.
Due to succession troubles, the Kingdom of Gra splits from Aritia and becomes independent.


Archsage Gato establishes an academy of magic at Khadein.


The distant island country of Talis is unified,
and the Kingdom of Talis is newly founded.


The Earth Dragon Mediuth is resurrected in the region of Durhua.
He begins to gather the Mamkutes once again.


Sudden death of the King of Macedonia. Prince Misheil seizes power,
and declares an alliance with Durhua.

The Kingdom of Grunia, which bears animosity towards Akaneia,
decides to ally itself with Durhua too.
The Durhua Empire is restored.


The Durhua Empire confronts Akaneia
and begins an invasion.
Start of the War of Darkness.


The Durhua Empire’s troops led by Mediuth
lay siege to Pales.

Aritia’s army, which was heading for Pales to its rescue,
and Grunia’s army lead by General Camus,
confront at Menidi River.

Despite having the upper hand in battle, Aritia’s army is defeated
due to the betrayal of its sworn ally, the Kingdom of Gra.
The Kingdom of Aritia is overrun by the Empire’s troops and falls.

Same year

Pales’ Royal Palace falls. Fall of the Kingdom of Akaneia.
People related to the Royal family are all executed
save for Princess Nina.


Princess Nina escapes from Pales’ Royal Palace. She is protected
by Hardin’s rebel army, who fight with guerrilla tactics
on the northern plains.

Princess Nina recruits a volunteer liberation army,
but it is defeated by a knight squad
led by Princess Minerva and is in

Prince Marth of Aritia, who fled to the Kingdom of Talis,
uprises in response to Princess Nina, and raises a
liberation army for his country.


Mediuth is defeated by Prince Marth,
and the Durhua Empire collapses.
End of the War of Darkness (600-605).


Hardin, the younger prince of Orleans, is accepted by Princess Nina
as her husband, and becomes the 24th King of Akaneia.


King Hardain calls upon the rebuilding of the Holy Empire of Akaneia,
and increases the military preparations. He annexes the
neighbouring minor powers.

An insurrection breaks out in the Kingdom of Grunia
occupied by Akaneia.

Marth answers to Emperor Hardin’s request and goes on
an expedition against Grunia, but during that time Aritia’s
royal castle is attacked by Akaneia’s troops and

From this, Aritia and Akaneia rush against each other
into a total war.
Start of the War of Heroes (607-608).


Fall of Pales Castle. Emperor Hardin dies.


Prince Marth marries with Princess Sheeda of Talis,
and officially becomes King of Aritia.

According to Queen Nina’s strong wish, Marth
replaces the dying out Royal family,
and decides to rule over the world.

The birth of Lord Marth as the legendary Hero King
called “the King of all Kings”.