Warriors: Developer Interview on Character Choices and First Impressions

We have had another developers interview from Nintendo Dream that the great people at Nintendo Everything managed to translate.

The interview goes over several points; I will highlight some in quotes.

ND: I see. But it must be hectic to choose characters based on their relationships with each other. You might even end up having too many characters that couldn’t be removed. For example if you were to add Chrom, then how about Lucina?

Hayashi: But actually, we used to stray away regarding Lucina.

ND: And what do you mean by that?

Hayashi: At first there were talks in the development team of, “Should we remove Lucina?” However, after we talked with Nintendo and Intelligent Systems, we reconsidered that, thinking “That’s just not possible after all” (laughs).

ND: Why did you want to remove her?

Hayashi: It’s an obvious thing; it’s not because we hated her or something, but the reasons are because there are already too many sword characters, and because she’s of the children generation.

Usuda: Which means, when we were contemplating on whether to add people from the children generation, if Lucina wasn’t added, then we would’ve come to a conclusion that we wouldn’t add anyone from the children generation.

So Lucina was originally on the chopping block, which may shock quite a number of fans. However later on they stated that characters that shared the same class became more of a concern due to Lucina’s inclusion.

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Cipher: Frontier Column Reveals First S10 Cards & Eirika Art + Summer Tour Colouring Sheets!

Are you excited for some Fire Emblem Cipher Series 10 news? Cipher has broken their usual trend and released the first S10 cards in a new Frontier Column! Orsin and Tanya are our first two characters from Thracia 776. Joining them are two cardc from Fire Emblem Fates featuring Selkie and Velouria.

We also got our first look at Eirika from The Sacred Stones as she’ll appear in the upcoming S11! Although the artist is unconfirmed, it looks very much like Sachiko Wada’s style.

Other highlights from the column include photos from the recently-ended Go! Go! Summer Tour events around Japan. Many of the Cipher artists drew fun Fire Emblem sketches and the Cavalier Duo also performed some music for the attendees. Please visit the link above if you’d like to see the photos for yourself!

You might also spot some of the Fire Emblem colouring sheets as coloured by event attendees. Thanks to forum visitor Aquantis we now have high quality versions of these images that you can colour in yourself! Download the images below and print them out to enjoy your own Fire Emblem colouring session.

Finally, at the very end of the column, two mysterious silhouettes appear and talk amongst themselves. Perhaps we’ll be getting more mascots soon?

Now that attention has shifted over to S10, it is very likely that we will begin seeing daily card reveals starting next week. The Summer Livestream event is also coming up very soon. Stay tuned for a lot more exciting Fire Emblem Cipher news to come over the next few weeks!

Heroes: Tempest Trials: Reunited at Last

The next installment of the Tempest Trials begins today in Fire Emblem Heroes! Tempest Trials: Reunited at Last picks up where the last Trials left off. After facing hoards of enemies, Celica and her allies finally reunite with Alm.

The Bonus Allies have been updated for the new storyline. You can use Celica, Delthea, Gray, or Sonya for a 40% bonus, or Berkut, Clive, Alm, or Genny for a 20% bonus. All of the 40% allies can be currently summoned at 5★ from the Tempest Trials banner. You can also summon Genny from the new Hero Fest banner.

Clive is the next hero reward from within the Trials themselves. You can earn a 4★ version for scoring 6,000 points and a 5★ version for 30,000. Other rewards include new Sacred Seals for Atk Ploy 1 and Hardy Bearing 1. Of course, there are lots of Orbs to win as well. Don’t forget that you can also complete daily quests for additional rewards!

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Heroes: New Hero Fest Starter Support Starring Ike, Ninian, Julia, and Genny!

The second Hero Fest has begun in Fire Emblem Heroes! The latest banner features 5★ versions of some very popular and useful heroes: Ike, Ninian, Julia, and Genny. Even better, the base rate to summon a 5★ unit in this banner is a whopping 5%!

The occasion for this banner is the Starter Support Event, to help newcomers get a good start in the game. Another newbie-friendly update is the Beginners Guide, which goes over the basics of Heroes gameplay. You can access it via the official site as linked above, or within the game itself.

We also get a new Starter Support Log-In Bonus! Since the Anniversary Log-In Bonus is still going on, this means we get four free Orbs each day for the duration of the bonus. So, you’ll have plenty of Orbs available to spend on the new banner!

The Hero Fest banner will be available for a bit over a week, ending on 18 August at 6:59am UTC. The Log-In Bonus will stick around a bit longer, ending on 25 August.