Heroes: Details on upcoming Nov 5 In The Moment Banner and Nov 6 Tempest Trials+

The In The Moment Banner was teased in the Feh Channel video just minutes ago, so here’s a breakdown of what’s coming in the Ninja-filled showcase that runs from November 5 until December 5.

The Japanese video can be viewed here.

Full details on the units can be seen below the Read More; though as a synopsis, there is an inheritable Sword, and Lance, that are ‘Brave’ type weapons that lower Def and Res in exchange for boosting Spd, as well as Distant Ward, and two units with -Rein skills (plus, the next in line Gap skill).

This banner comes alongside the next Tempest Trials+ event, which will provide Summoners with Hana: Focused Ninja, who comes with an Axe that will likely be identical to the Sword and Lance detailed above. Details on her other skills, and her stats, can be seen below as well.

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Heroes: Feh Channel Nov 3 2020. New Game Mode, Version Update perks and details on the next Banner

As recently announced, the next Feh Channel has been shared, and can be checked out here. I’ll summarize the 13:44 long video here.

First up, is the upcoming Ninja Festival’s units. We have Zihark: Ninja Blademaster, a Red Sword Infantry, Laevatein: Ninja of Muspell, a Green Axe Flier, Navarre: Scarlet Ninja, a Blue Lance Infantry, Hana: Focused Ninja, a Green Axe Infantry and finally, Duo Hero Lyn (and Florina): Ninja-Friend Duo, a Colorless Dagger Flier. I’ll have full details on the squad in their upcoming trailer, but do note that they all come with near PRF weaponry, and the free Hana comes with Life & Death 3, Wrath 3 and Glimmer, and Laevatein comes with Distant Ward, a commodity sure to attract Summoners.

Zihark, Laevateinn, Navarre and Lyn, will be available from November 5 – December 5, in the upcoming In The Moment summoning banner, and Hana will be a Tempest Trials+ reward, in the TT+ Ninja Novices that kicks off on November 6.

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Heroes: Feh Channel Scheduled for 4th November, at 3:00 (UTC), Featuring Special Heroes!

Hold the phone, Summoners! A new Feh Channel has been announced for 4th November 2020, at 3:00 (UTC). Or 3rd November, at 19:00 (PST) if you prefer.

Due to circumstances, the Fire Emblem Heroes official social media will be absent and unable to post the videos. However, the videos will be shared via the Nintendo Mobile YouTube account like usual when the time comes.

The Feh Channel video will be published at the time mentioned, while the video for the next Special Heroes will appear 20 minutes later (after the Feh Channel ends, presumably).

Of course, we’ll do our best to share the news soon after it drops.

Heroes: Version 4.11.0 Update Arriving 4th November (UTC)

To kick off November, Fire Emblem Heroes will be receiving an update to Version 4.11.0 on 4th November 2020 (UTC), around 11 pm. Hmm, whoever scheduled this update sure loves their numbers.

Conclusion of Book IV Coming Soon

It won’t be available straight away, but Chapter 13 of Book IV will be coming in late November. Similar to past books, Chapter 13 will be the last chapter. In the previous chapter, there was a big revelation. How will the dream adventure end?

Combat Manuals

New events after the version update will reward Divine Codes (Ephemera 11), which can be exchanged for the following limited-time combat manuals:

  • 5-star: Christmas Chrom and Christmas Fae
  • 4-star: Palla, Abel, Ferdinand, Reinhardt and Brady

Weapon Refinery

Another lucky four will receive new weapons skills and/or refine options:

  • Eternal Breath (and refine options) – Fae: Divine Dragon
  • Elise’s Staff (and refine options) – Elise: Budding Flower
  • Cursed Lance refine options – Valtar: Dark Moonstone
  • Thani refine options – Micaiah: Priestess of Dawn

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