Movie Transcripts

Credits: VincentASM


[Greil and Ike practicing]

Greil: Well, Ike. Had enough?

[Mist comes]

Mist: Dad!

Mist: Ike!

Greil: Oh… Mist!

[Ike strikes at Greil, but gets knocked flying]

Mist: Ike?

Mist: Ike!

[Ike faints, he sees a brief memory of his mother before awaking]

Ike: Mother…

[Mist is picking flowers and singing a song]

Ike: Mist… That song…

Mist: Oh, Ike! You’re awake!

[Mist smiles at Ike]

Greil’s Fall

[Ike running]

Ike: Father… What’s going on? Where are you?

[Ike sees Greil fighting the Black Knight]

Ike: Father!

Greil: Ike? Stay back!

Black Knight: Here. Use this blade.

[Black Knight throws Ragnell near Greil]

Greil: What are you doing?

[Black Knight draws Alondite]

Black Knight: I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.

Black Knight: I would prefer it if you used your proper weapon, so that I might see you at your full strength…

[Black Knight points Alondite at Greil]

Black Knight: General Gawain, Rider of Daein.

Greil: That was my name once,

[Greil picks up Ragnell]

Greil: but I

[Greil throws Ragnell near the Black Knight]

Greil: threw it away. The only weapon I need

[Greil picks up Urvan]

Greil: is right

[Greil points Urvan forwards]

Greil: here.

Black Knight: Do you want to die?

Greil: Your voice… I remember you.

Greil: You think you can defeat me? The man who taught you how to fight? What a fool.

Greil: Come on, boy! Come try me!

[Greil and Black Knight fight again, ending with the Black Knight piercing his sword through Greil]

Black Knight: Is that all there is? No challenge? No resistance?

[Greil stumbles back, and is caught by Ike. The two fall crashing on the floor]

Ike: Father!!!

[Ike holding his father]

Ike: Don’t… Don’t leave…

Ike: Don’t leave me! Father!


[Meeting of the Laguz kings]

The Forest

[Ike and Mist walk towards the altar, Reyson and Leanne sing a song]

Ike: Don’t I know… Mist, isn’t that Mother’s song?

Mist: Not quite. But it… It is close.

[Mist points towards the sky[

Mist: Ike, look! Up there!

[The forest comes back to life]

Mist: It’s incredible!

Ike: The heart of the forest… Has returned…

Fire Emblem

[Mist holding the glowing medallion]


[Elincia is sitting on the throne, and Ike walks up to her]

Ike: What’s wrong.

Ike: Everyone’s waiting to see you.

Elincia: I’m nervous.

Elincia: I’ve spent my whole life in hiding.

Elincia: No one ever taught me how to rule a kingdom.

Elincia: I don’t think I’m ready to be their queen. I don’t think I’m ever really going to be ready.

Ike: What’s the matter with you?

Elincia: Ike, stop it! How can I–

Ike: Did anyone teach you how to hire mercenaries?

Elincia: No, but that’s not the same–

Ike: How to win back lost allies? How to win back your lost kingdom?

Elincia: But that’s… That’s different.

Ike: No, it’s not.

Ike: You’ve done such an amazing job.

Ike: And I think you always will.

Elincia: I see.

[Ike lets out his hand for Elincia]

Ike: All right, come on. We’ll do this together.

[Elincia grabs Ike’s hand]

Elincia: Thank you, my lord Ike. I am… I am so blessed to have met you.

[Ike and Elincia head for the white light, hand-in-hand]

Narrator: And so it was that, in the spring of the year 646, Elincia Ridell Crimea saw peace return to her homeland. In the years to follow, the story of Queen Elincia and her noble hero, Ike, spread across the land and inspired the songs of many a wandering troubadour.