Prologue to Chapter 10

Credits: VincentASM



Chapter 1

Zawana vs Ike

Zawana: Hey, you’re nothing but a boy. Well, every brat needs a beating now and then. Are you ready for it?

Ike: Not today. If you want to run away, now’s your chance.

Zawana: Heh heh heh. Imagine that, you sassing me. Don’t that beat all?

Chapter 2

Ikanau vs Ike

Ike: Will you let the two of them go now?

Ikanau: Sure, you can have ’em both. If you can beat me, that is!

Ikanau vs Titania

Ikanau: Heh heh heh. I’ve been waiting for you, you red-haired demoness. You are going to hurt–and hurt bad. This is for my mates who fell before you in Caldea!

Titania: No matter your motives, you’ve taken helpless innocents as hostages. You’re not fit to be called human. May the blessings of the goddess be kept from you for all eternity!

Chapter 3

Havetti vs Ike

Ike: Give back what you’ve stolen from the good folk here and set sail.

Havetti: Yahar har harrrr! Now I know yer tetched in the head, lassie! We show ’em our axes an’ say “Arrrr,” and the gold and grub come rainin’ down. We’ll not be givin’ this up!

Ike: I see… Looks like we’ll have to rely on force of arms, then.

Chapter 4

Maijin vs Ike

Maijin: Bah! You’re nothing more than a bunch of ragtag sellswords. Who are you to oppose Daein!? You are so terribly ignorant of your position in this world.

Ike: You refused to listen to us, and then you attacked without provocation! Is this the way of the Daein army?

Maijin: You’re a cheeky little monkey, aren’t you? Once you’re dead, you’ll regret sassing me!

Maijin vs Soren

Maijin: A mage, eh? I’ll have to keep my guard up around you, no matter how young you look.

Soren: You forced this combat. We cannot allow you to return home. Are you ready to die?

Maijin vs Titania

Maijin: I’ve fought the Crimean army before. The Imperial Guard has some skill, but the rest are a poor joke. Which will you prove to be? Hmm? Perhaps you’ll offer me some entertainment after all.

Titania: If you attacked us because you thought we were with the Crimean army, you made a mistake. I left my post years ago. Now, I’m nothing more than a common mercenary.

Maijin: That means nothing to me. You’re not of Daein, you’re armed, and you’re here. It’s our job to destroy you. Simple, wouldn’t you say? Come, dog! Prepare yourself!

Titania: I’d just as soon avoid this bloodshed, but that seems unlikely. If that’s the way it is, I’ll not hold back!

Chapter 5

Dakova vs Ike

Ike: Are you the commander of this battalion? Order your men to retreat, and I’ll let you escape with your life.

Dakova: Don’t push your luck, mercenary dog!!

Chapter 6

Emil vs Ike

Emil: I will not allow you to take one step more!

Ike: Then I’ve no choice but to cut you down and walk over you!

Chapter 7

Balmer vs Ike

Ike: Whoa! So you’re a mage, are you?

Balmer: I am, vermin, and I will see you burn to cinders!

Chapter 8

Karuma vs Ike

Karuma: You fool… What are you doing on the front line? This is no place for an officer! If you die, your army loses. Soldiers fight; officers lead. That is the foundation of war!

Ike: Hate to tell you this, but I’m not an officer, and I’m not in the military. I fight with my men, and I bleed with my men. I lead the Greil Mercenaries. If I can’t fight, I’ve no right to lead.

Karuma: Bah! This is war, not some child’s game! The only thing that matters here is who fights and who dies.

Chapter 9

Nedata vs Ike

Nedata: Ya ha ho!

Ike: Huh?

Nedata: Yo ha ha.

Ike: What a ragged bunch.

Nedata: Scallywags of the sea are we. We’ll not lose to the likes of thee!

Nedata vs Lethe

Nedata: Ya har! Beasties! No need to panic! Try to hit them while they’re in human form!

Lethe: Thieving worms! Prepare to die!

Nedata vs Mordecai

Nedata: Ya har! Beasties! No need to panic! Try to hit them while they’re in human form!

Mordecai: Beorc fools. I will punish you.

Kotaff vs Ike

Kotaff: So, you are the new commander… Tell me, boy, what cowardly tactics did you employ to fell our brothers? You must have deceived them. There’s no way rabble like you could defeat Daein troops in a fair fight.

Ike: From the very beginning, every last one of you has underestimated us. Will you never learn? Your refusal to recognize our strength will forever keep victory at arm’s length.

Kotaff: Silence! Silence, you idiot child!

Ike: You’re right. No more talk.

Kotaff vs Lethe

Kotaff: Bah! So the sub-humans have come crawling out of their dens, eh?

Lethe: Beorc maggot! Those who call us by that hateful name shall earn a swift and merciless death!

Kotaff vs Mordecai

Kotaff: At last we meet, sub-human! I will exterminate you with my own two hands! My HUMAN hands!

Mordecai: Sub… Sub-human? Grrraaaaaa!

Chapter 10

Danomill vs Ike

Danomill: Oh, yes… Excellent. What a defiant stare you have. You’re exactly the type of prisoner I long for. I will watch as hope fades from your eyes and revel as despair clouds your vision. It will be transcendent.

Ike: …Don’t count on it.

Danomill vs Lethe

Danomill: A sub-human? Aha ha ha ha! This is fantastic! I’ve never had a sub-human prisoner before! Come here, and behave yourself. I’ll build a special cell just for you… Perhaps I’ll stuff and mount you, too!

Lethe: Grrrrrrraaaaa!

Danomill vs Mordecai

Danomill: Oh, dear heavens… Look at the size of this one! Easy now–don’t move. I’ll not let such a trophy escape.

Mordecai: Your soul is twisted. It saddens me.