Boyd & Brom

C Support

Brom: Good morning! I’m Brom. I take it you’re with the Greil Mercenaries?
Boyd: Well, if it isn’t the imprisoned papa! I’m Boyd. And I’m one of the original Greil Mercenaries.
Brom: Oh, that’s swell! You know, you fight pretty well for someone so young.
Boyd: Young? Ha! You’re one to talk! I mean, look at you, pops! We had to bust you out of a prison, and you’re STILL a big fatty! How do you fight with a body like that? Doesn’t all the jiggling slow you down?
Brom: Aw, you’re right… I know it could be trouble during a big battle. But this body has served me well! After all, you need a lot of girth to manage a mule and plow!
Boyd: You’re a farmer, pops?
Brom: That’s right! But I hate to think that my big belly would be a burden on you… Aw, now I feel terrible! Sniff… Sniff…
Boyd: Wha–? Hey, don’t cry, pops! Look, let’s start working out together! I’ll whip you into shape in no time!
Brom: Really? Do you mean that? That would be great! Whip me into shape, Boyd! Oh, my wife will be so surprised!

B Support

Brom: Huff…huff…huff… Phew! Hey, Boyd… I’m sorry… for being…phew!…being such a drag!
Boyd: You can’t help being a slow walker. Don’t worry! You’re doing fine.
Brom: You really think so? Aw, thanks, Boyd! You know, I may not be in the best shape, but I’ve got more tenacity than anyone. A farmer’s work lasts all year ’round, after all. You’ve got to have patience.
Boyd: All year, huh? Tell me, pops. Do you enjoy working in the fields?
Brom: You bet! Sure, I’ve got my share of worries, like bugs and animals and bad weather… But it’s all worth it come harvest time!
Boyd: Hmm…
Brom: What’s wrong?
Boyd: Oh, I was just thinking… The farming life is the complete opposite of what we mercenaries do. I mean, a farmer gets to bring life to the world, and his work keeps everyone going. But mercenaries? We kill people, and we break things, and… Well, we bring death, not life.
Brom: Aw, don’t talk it down like that! You get to fight for what’s right and protect people!
Boyd: Hey, don’t get me wrong. The Greil Mercenaries are my family, and I do my job because I like it. But…you know what?
Brom: What?
Boyd: Break time’s over! Up and at ’em, pops!! Back to the training!
Brom: W-what? Wait, it’s only been a… H-hold on! Aw, shucks! Phew… Huff… Puff…

A Support

Brom: Whew! Aw, shucks! I give up! You got me! Phew! You’re too much for me, Boyd.
Boyd: You were close this time, pops. You’ve gotten a lot better. I think we can wrap up training soon.
Brom: I’ve gotten better, huh? You really think so?
Boyd You’re like a full-fledged soldier! There’s not an enemy around that wouldn’t be afraid of you!
Brom: Oh, I’m so happy to hear that! I just didn’t want to be a huge burden on everyone anymore.
Boyd: Oh, stop it. Keep this up, and you could even be a royal guard after the war.
Brom: No thank you! I’m done fighting. When this war is over, I’m going back to farming.
Boyd: Listen, pops. Tell me the truth… How do we mercenaries seem to you? I mean, to farmers? Simple people.
Brom: What? I don’t get you, Boyd.
Boyd: Well, the world is full of mercenaries, but most of them are just scoundrels who can’t hold any other job, right? So when there’s no war to fight, they wander the countryside without honest work. A lot of them end up stealing from villagers or just turn into common cutthroats.
Brom: Boyd, you’re not–
Boyd: Nah, we’re not like them. I know that. But…you can’t tell that just by looking at us. I hear it when I walk through towns. “Careful! The mercenaries are back.” “They’re scrounging for money.” It kinda hurts, you know? I mean, I don’t care what you say about me, but when you talk bad about my family…
Brom: Well, Boyd. Here’s what I think. Folks always judge, and they’re usually wrong. That’s just how they are, you know? You can’t worry about it too much. But I like you. And I respect you, too. Shucks, everyone in this company has been just great! Anyway, that’s what I think.
Boyd: Thanks, pops. That’s…good to hear. All right! Back to the training! Let’s go the extra mile this time!
Brom: Huh!? A-again? G-give me a second, Boyd! Phew! Huff…puff…