Devdan & Largo

C Support

Devdan: Ladies and gentlemen! Gather ’round! Get ready for Devdan’s fantastic show!
Largo: Ah, a street performer! Could be fun. Hmm… Looks like I’m the only one here… Well, I’ll check out the show, anyway.
Devdan: Ho ho! Step right up…and be amazed! First, Devdan draws a picture like so… Hum de dum… Voila! All done! This is Devdan’s friend… Nadved!
Largo: Nadved? Waaaait a minute. This is just a sketch of some stupid stick figure!
Devdan: Ah! You are wrong, young one. Listen carefully…and be amazed!
Largo: Huh? Listen to what? … Aw, you’re crazy!
???: Hellooooooooo…
Largo: What the…? W-who was that?! Your lips didn’t move, but I heard something! What’s going on here?
Devdan: That was Nadved! Say hello to Largo, Nadved!
???: Hellooooo, Laaaaaargooooo… Whooooooooo!
Largo: Yaaaaaaa! I mean…um… Wow! That’s pretty incredible! Can it do anything else?
Devdan: But of course! For Nadved’s next trick…

B Support

Largo: Ah, what a great day! I think I’ll wander the streets and see what trouble I can… Hello? What’s this? Hm? Well, if it isn’t Devdan’s friend, Nadved! Why are you just lying in the street? Here, let me pick you up… Hey, Nadved! Speak! …Speak! Speak, Nadved! I command it!
???: …
Largo: Oh, this is nonsense! Bah! How would a piece of paper talk, anyway… Speak, Nadved! Speeeeak! Grrrrr! This makes me so mad! Fine, then! You don’t want to talk? I’ll just crumple you up instead!
Largo: Yaaaaa! What the…?! N-no way! It screamed! Oh, I’m sorry! Are you all right, Nadved!?
???: …
Largo: Oh, by the goddess… What have I done? I’m a monster! A monster! …I gotta dispose of the body!
Devdan: Oh, hello Largo! How are you today?
Largo: Wha–?! Oh, Devdan! Um…how are you? I-it’s such a nice day, and I was just… AH! F-forgive me! Yaaaaaaaaaa!
Devdan: He ran away… Oh, poor young one. Perhaps Devdan is to blame for showing you his trick. But Devdan can’t tell you how it’s done, because it is a…secret… Oh, the shame of it all…

A Support

Largo: Um… Devdan? Do you have a moment?
Devdan: Devdan always has time for you.
Largo: Look… I’m…sorry that I got scared and ran off the other day. I’ve been agonizing over how to make it up to you, but I can’t think of anything that’ll make it right. So I’ll just…apologize. Sorry, Devdan. Sorry, Nadved.
Devdan: You worried that much for us? Poor Largo! Nadved is fine!
Largo: R-really!?
Devdan: I am Nadved’s friend. And friends are always close by! I just have to draw a picture like so… Hum de dum… See! It’s Nadved!!
???: Laaaaaaargoooooo! I miiiiiised yooooooou! Whooooooooooooo!
Largo: Oh! It’s you! I’m so sorry, Nadved! I put you through pain just because I lost my temper.
???: Thaaaaat’s all riiiiiiight, Laaaaaargoooooooooo!
Devdan: Nadved is right, Largo. We are all friends. Friends forgive each other!
Largo: Whew! I’m so glad. Thanks, you two! You’re both good people! The best! Bwaaah ha ha ha haaaa!
Devdan: No, no. You’re the best, Largo. Let’s stay friends! But first…come closer… Nadved wants to tell you something…
Largo: Um…yeah, all right. Let me just take a step closer here, and… YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!