Gatrie & Marcia

C Support

Gatrie: Marcia! How are you doing, beautiful?
Marcia: Huh? How do you know my name?
Gatrie: Why wouldn’t I know the name of a cute girl like you?! You know, there was a time when Titania was the only woman in this mercenary group. Things have really started to shape up while I was away. Mmm… Not bad at all.
Marcia: Oh, nice line, chump. I’m swooning. Waaaait… You were a member of the Greil Mercenaries?
Gatrie: Yep. Actually, I was a senior member.
Marcia: I knew it! You were one of the guys that saved me from those boat monkeys, weren’t you?
Gatrie: Boat monk… You mean the pirates? Uh…of course! That was me!
Marcia: Aw, heck! That’s fantastic! I was so grateful for the help. Lemme do something to return the favor
Gatrie: That’s nice of you to say, but having someone as gorgeous and talented as you join us is payment enough. I need nothing more!
Marcia: Whoa…that’s a lot of pressure. I had no idea people depended on me so much. In any case, I’ll keep doing my best! Wish me luck!
Gatrie: She’s so adorable! She will be mine… Oh, yes. She…will…be…mine.

B Support

Marcia: Heya, big fella! What are you doing today?
Gatrie: Marcia! Good to see you. Actually, I was just about to meet up with Ike for a little sparring session.
Marcia: W-what!? You’re going to fight the commander?!
Gatrie: You bet I am! That’s why I asked you to stop by. I wanted to invite you along so you could check me out in action. Now, don’t get my wrong… Ike is a strong commander. But he doesn’t have a chance to match my overwhelming physical power! It’s breathtaking, really.
Marcia: Breathtaking? Really… I can’t wait to see this, Gatrie.
Gatrie: Ha ha ha! Well, what can I say? Why don’t you just kick back and watch me unleash the raw fury of these mighty arms! Hhhrraaaawwww!
Gatrie: Ike! Now’s your chance to give up, cur! No?! All right, don’t say I didn’t warn you! Here we go!
Gatrie: This one’s for you, Marcia! Haaaarrrgggg!! …Bwaaa!
Marcia: Ooooh, jerky! That looked painful.
Gatrie: Whoa there, Ike. Don’t make me get tough on you… Hey! T-take it easy! Ooof… Ooof! Ouch! Aghhhhhh!
Marcia: Uhhh…is he going to be all right? Gatrie? …Gaaaatrie? Oh, crackers.

A Support

Marcia: Heya, Gatrie.
Gatrie: …
Marcia: What’s the matter, big fella? You’re looking down.
Gatrie: It’s better if you don’t talk to me at all, Marcia. Don’t even give me a second look. I’m nothing but dirt. I’m worse than dirt… I’m…sludge!
Marcia: Oh, boy… This is about the other day, isn’t it? When you got beaten down by–
Gatrie: Don’t remind me! I was such a fool! I can’t believe I let you see me get smacked around like that. I might as well throw in the towel now. I’m just a big loser…
Marcia: No you’re not! So Ike beat you that time. Big deal! Ike beats everybody! I was still impressed by your all-or-nothing attitude.
Gatrie: Really!?
Marcia: Really! You’re both fierce fighters. Hey, what do you say to being my training partner one of these days? I want both you and Ike to teach me some of your fighting skills
Gatrie: Of course!
Marcia: Great! It’ll be a hoot! I’m looking forward to it! See you later!
Gatrie: …I was feeling angry at Ike for humiliating me like that… But maybe it will all work out after all. Until later, my sweet Marcia!