Ike & Elincia

C Support

Ike: Is there something wrong, Princess?
Elincia: Oh…my lord Ike. I was getting prepared for battle, but… I’m having a hard time attaching this scabbard to my belt.
Ike: Hmm…let me see.Ah…here’s the problem. The buckle on the scabbard isn’t fastened. There’s a little trick to this.Don’t move for a second. … All right. That should do it!
Elincia: Thank you. I just can’t seem to do anything right.I can’t even get myself ready for battle! Everyone else is all suited up.
Ike: Everyone here was the same way when they first started. In fact, it wasn’t all that long ago when I was having a hard time fastening my scabbard…
Elincia: Really?
Ike: That’s right. But my father drilled me hard and tested my swordsmanship and survival skills before I could eat breakfast. We come from different worlds, Princess.
Elincia: So that’s how you learned so much…
Ike: Well, you don’t need to practice so hard. You weren’t born to be a mercenary like the rest of us war dogs. You’ll just get yourself killed if you jump into this rough and nasty war unprepared.
Elincia: I understand…
Ike: Just don’t worry about it. There’s no shame in asking for help from the rest of us. We’ll be there to back you up.
Elincia: Thank you, my lord Ike.
Ike: Anytime, Princess Elincia.

B Support

Ike: Princess Elincia? You’re still here?
Elincia: Oh, my lord Ike. W-well, I was getting a little practice in. I don’t want to be a burden to everyone else.
Ike: Wouldn’t it be better to have a training partner?
Elincia: I’d feel guilty asking someone to train with me. It would be a waste of time… I am no match for their skill.
Ike: I meant what I said earlier… About not hesitating to ask for help? But I guess you decided to ignore me.
Elincia: N-no, no…it’s not like that at all. I heard what you said, but I still feel so…
Ike: I know how powerless and frustrated you must feel. It was a terrifying feeling when I discovered my father had left me in command of the Greil Mercenaries.
Elincia: …
Ike: But there’s a huge difference between inheriting a country and a band of mercenaries, isn’t there?
Elincia: Not at all… You’re absolutely right. It’s hard…knowing what kind of responsibility I have, and just how unsuited I am to take it.
Ike: Over the last year, I learned a lot from all those battles… Mostly, I learned that there are many things I can’t do on my own. Everything I achieved was possible only because of the people around me. I trust them completely. And I’m not ashamed to ask for help. That goes for you, too.You’re not alone.
Elincia: That’s a great way to look at it. Thank you!

A Support

Elincia: …
Ike: We finally reach the capital tomorrow.
Elincia: Yes…
Ike: How are you feeling about it?
Elincia: More than a little anxious… But… We’ve finally made it. I’m home. More than anything, I feel relief.
Ike: You’ve grown strong, Princess.
Elincia: That’s only because I had such a great role model.
Ike: Hah! I think you meant to say bad role model, right? By the way, do you remember what you said to me on the southern sea?
Elincia: W-what did I say? Hopefully, it was nothing too embarassing.
Ike: You said, “Give them a sound thrashing!”
Elincia: Oh…er…that? That was…um… I was trying to fit in, my lord Ike. To be rough and capable like the rest of you.
Ike: You caught me off guard with that one.
Elincia: Hee hee! It brings back memories.
Elincia: When I fled the capital and was told about Crimea’s defeat in Gallia… I prepared myself to live in crushing, colorless despair for the rest of my days. But when I look back, I can see there were some warm rays of hope…poking through.
Ike: You’re right…
Elincia: Tomorrow, I will face King Daein and reclaim Crimea…or die in the attempt. It is the only thing on my mind.
Ike: You employed me as a mercenary. I’ll give you your money’s worth! …No. It means more than that… To my last breath, I will do all that I can to ensure your dream…Elincia.
Elincia: Oh, Ike…