Ike & Titania

C Support

Titania: Hey, Ike. Training?
Ike: Yeah. You too, huh? Hey, do you want to spar? I learn a lot when we team up.
Titania: Really? I’m glad to hear that. I thought you no longer needed my lessons.
Ike: What are you talking about? You’re the one who put the finishing touches on what swordsmanship I inherited from my father.
Titania: Hmm. I’m honored to hear you say so.
Ike: I mean it.
Titania: But the talent you inherited from your father is one of a kind. I want you to cherish it.
Ike: Huh… Hey, Titania? When did you meet my father? You used to be a Crimean knight, right?
Titania: That’s right… But it’s a long story, and we need to train! Get ready! Focus!
Ike: Fine…

B Support

Ike: Do you have a moment, Titania?
Titania: Ike! How can I help you?
Ike: Remember what we talked about the other day? About when you met my father?
Titania: Um… Yeah… That…
Ike: I know you don’t want to talk about it, so I won’t force you or anything.
Titania: It’s not like I don’t want to. It’s just… It’s hard to talk about my past. Still… You deserve to know as much about your father as possible… All right, I’ll tell you.
Ike: Great!
Titania: When I was a Crimean knight, I entered an officer exchange program and was sent to Gallia. Where your father was. On my first day, they held a joint training session in the royal hall. That’s where I saw Commander Greil’s might for the first time. He took on wave after wave of knights and defeated them like they were children. His swordsmanship was brilliant… The other knights barely had time to lift their weapons before Commander Greil had them on the ground. He was the mightiest warrior I had ever seen. My body… trembled at the thought of it.
Ike: Whoa.
Titania: I tried to cross swords with him, but he was so far out of my league… Ha! It was laughable! But I asked him to train me, and he agreed. After that, whenever we had a spare hour, we would meet and spar. We soon grew close, and after a few weeks, he invited me to his home. That’s when I saw you.
Ike: Me?
Titania: Yes. You were sleeping in your mother’s arms, and she was smiling. You were adorable. The Commander looked at you with such kind eyes… I saw a different person than the man who wielded a sword.
Ike: I see.

A Support

Ike: Titania? I wish to thank you.
Titania: W-what? What’s with all the formality?
Ike: There’s no guarantee that any of us will see tomorrow, and I want to tell you this while it’s still in my head. Will you listen?
Titania: Um… All right, but…what’s with you? And what have I done to deserve your thanks?
Ike: You have done much. You helped my father build this company. He had lost his wife and had two young children to care for… I wish to thank you for that.
Titania: …Oh, Ike…
Ike: I’ve taken everything in my life for granted, and it was all possible because of you. My thanks is far too late in coming.
Titania: It’s not necessary, Ike. What I did, I did because–
Ike: You loved him. Didn’t you?
Titania: …!!! …Um…
Ike: Perhaps I’m wrong. Regardless… I stand here alive today because of you. And I still want to thank you for it. Had you not lent a helping hand, I would most likely be dead. And my father’s life cut short as well. You helped to keep him alive until the Black Knight brought him down… You made his final years happy. Thank you.
Titania: Oh, Ike… …I don’t… …Sniff… …Sniff… …Sniff…
Ike: Unlike my father, I lack both experience and strength, but… I’m learning. Please, keep aiding and supporting me. Please…
Titania: …Sniff… Of course… Of course I will, Ike.