Ilyana & Mordecai

C Support

Ilyana: Ah…
Mordecai: You look sickly.
Ilyana: I… I…know you…
Mordecai: I am Mordecai. You are Ilyana. We have not met.
Ilyana: You’re right… I keep to myself, mostly… Even though we’re on the same side, I’m often forgotten. Ahhh… Whoa…
Mordecai: Mmm? What is wrong?
Ilyana: I’m… I’m sorry. I got a little dizzy, there. Don’t worry about it. It happens all the time.
Mordecai: Hmmm… You are skinny. Even for a beorc. Can you fight?
Ilyana: I can… Somehow.
Mordecai: But you are as thin as a paper. Won’t the enemy tear you to shreds?
Ilyana: There’s nothing I can do about my size. When that happens… I’m ready…
Mordecai: Grrr… I don’t like the sound of that. Stay close to my side. I will keep your skinny beorc body safe.
Ilyana: R-really? Thank you, Mordecai.

B Support

Mordecai: Urrrrggh!
Ilyana: Hello, Mordecai. Wow, are you carrying all those crates by yourself? That’s incredible!
Mordecai: Grrrrr! Count on me for a strong back and a pair of paws. Uuuuuurrrrrrffffff! These are the last ones.
Ilyana: How can you carry all those at once? I could never do that.
Mordecai: Eat big meals and get meat on your bones. Then you can lift crates like me.
Ilyana: I would love to eat big meals… But I can’t. Because…well… I have no money… That’s why I faint all the time.
Mordecai: Mmm? You go hungry because you don’t have money for food? That shames us all. It will end now. Take my gold… Go! Feast! Eat as much as you want. Become fat and happy, little beorc.
Ilyana: Really? Are you…sure?
Mordecai: Yes.
Ilyana: Anything? Anything at all?
Mordecai: I would not lie to a hungry beorc.
Ilyana: Thank you, Mordecai… I don’t know what to say… You’re like an angel.
Mordecai: Me? No…stop. You embarrass me.

A Support

Ilyana: Thank you for your generosity the other day, Mordecai… Nobody has ever done anything like that for me…
Mordecai: Do not thank me. We are friends. But you ate like a starved bear! A dozen of me could not eat that much mutton stew!
Ilyana: The food was delicious. I could have eaten more!
Mordecai: I would feed you again, but you ate through all my beorc money. Where do you put all that food?
Ilyana: Well…in my stomach…
Mordecai: You are like the furry little squirrels that live with us in the woods. Always stuffing food in their mouths. Half beorc, half squirrel. That’s you.
Ilyana: Haha! Maybe you’re right! Squirrels, huh? That’s cute.
Mordecai: So…when do you hibernate?
Ilyana: Hibernate? I don’t hibernate!