Marcia & Kieran

C Support

Kieran: Ho ho! I would love to have a chance to train with a pegasus knight. It could only increase my already mighty skills… Oh, here comes one now! Marcia!
Marcia: Huh?
Kieran: Ahem! Er… I would like to have the pleasure of… Oh, pardon me. I forgot to introduce myself. My name–
Marcia: I already know who you are. Crimean Royal Knight Fifth Platoon Captain Kieran. Did I get that right?
Kieran: How do you know my name? Not to mention my post… Maybe it was the fame I won during our last battle? No, I was only semi-glorious…
Marcia: Um…
Kieran: Or perhaps I have injured you and yours with a past transgression? Are you here to revenge yourself on me?!
Marcia: Noooo…
Kieran: Oh ho! Then tales of my valor must have spread to other countries! Perhaps you know of the time I slew the Giant Spider of… Naah… That’s pushing it. But it is possible… Let’s see… It’s also possible that…
Marcia: Hey! Meathead!
Kieran: Yaaaa! W-what?! Don’t scare me like that!
Marcia: We all know your name. You announce yourself every time we fight. “I am Crimean Royal Knight, Fifth Platoon Captain Kieran! See me and tremble!”
Kieran: Hmm… Well, that explains it…
Marcia: So. How can I help you?
Kieran: Huh?
Marcia: Didn’t you want to ask me something?
Kieran: Oh, that’s right. Er… Hm? What did I want to ask you? Blast! Was it… No, that’s not it…
Marcia: Riiiight. Well, you come find me whenever you remember… Sheesh! I think this guy’s helmet is on too tight…

B Support

Kieran: Marcia!
Marcia: Oh, hiya, Kieran. How’s your horse?
Kieran: Oh, he’s much better! And it’s all thanks to you! When he took ill, I didn’t know what to do, but… Your first aid saved the day!
Marcia: Poor guy was exhausted from the constant marching. We’ve been fighting everywhere. I don’t blame him for collapsing. Let him rest until he gets used to this new land. I’m sure he’ll get better.
Kieran: I had no such knowledge, for I had never fought beyond the borders of sweet Crimea. I thank you with all my heart!
Marcia: Pfff! Please! It’s no big deal. I’ve seen much worse.
Kieran: Nevertheless, I, Crimean Royal Knight, Fifth Platoon Captain Kieran, shall return the favor no matter–
Marcia: Hey! Big fella! I told you, thanks aren’t necessary. I’m sure that we’ll run into something that you can help me with… Er…at least, I guess that might happen… So you can just help me out when that situation arrives. …If it arrives.
Kieran: Say no more! I will do so with my life!
Marcia: Please! Keep your life! Oh, that reminds me… Didn’t you want to ask me something the other day?
Kieran: Oh, that… Well, with my horse’s illness and all, I’ve forgotten what it was… But, by my axe, I swear that I will–
Marcia: Keep your axe too! Good gravy, I can’t deal with this guy!

A Support

Marcia: Kieran!
Kieran: Oh, Marcia!
Marcia: Your horse looks completely healed! I’m so glad.
Kieran: Yes, thanks to you. Let me thank you again! I, Crimean Roy–
Marcia: Oh, jerky! Not again! Stop doing that! Sheesh… Say, what’s with the bucket?
Kieran: I was going to wash my horse. He hasn’t been scrubbed down in a while, and he could use it. Besides, with all of my amazing adventures, my poor horse gets quite the workout. I try to treat him well.
Marcia: Aw, that’s sweet!
Kieran: What is?
Marcia: You love your horse! That’s so nice! I figured you’d be too busy flexing or something to notice…
Kieran: He is more than just a simple horse… He is my brother-in-arms! Some knights, some Crimean knights even, treat their horses like mere transportation… but I don’t feel that way. And it’s not just horses. Armor! Axes! Gauntlets! Boots! Er…this canteen! All fighting tools are my brothers-in-arms!
Marcia: How admirable.
Kieran: No, Marcia, it is not admirable. It is simply common sense.
Marcia: Ha ha! I wasn’t sure that you had common sense! You’re always so forgetful and distracted when it comes to other things…
Kieran: Huh! Well, I can’t say that I can agree! In fact, once while I was fighting the Giant Whippoorwill of Southern Crimea–
Marcia: Good-bye, Kieran!