Marcia & Rolf

C Support

Rolf: Ready…aim…
Marcia: Hey! You’re Rolf, right? What are you doing out here all alone?
Rolf: I’m practicing my archery skills! See? I just nail a target to a tree and fire away. I cover my arrow tips with burlap to prevent accidents. You see…there was this one incident with a marmot… Well, I just try to stay close to the target now. It’s not the best way to train, but at least it gives me some practice.
Marcia: Aw, that’s so cute! You’re trying hard, even though you’re such a little guy!
Rolf: Hey! I’m not small! I’m a dangerous mercenary!
Marcia: Yeah, of course you are. Say, you mind if I practice with you?
Rolf: That’s all right. I can take care of myself.
Marcia: Pfff! I know! I’m just offering to help. You know…I was once a knight in the service of the world’s greatest country. I also know how to handle a bow. Us pegusus knights fear archers more than anything else, you know.
Rolf: Yeah? Well…you better watch out or I’ll feather you like a quill!
Marcia: Hah! Big words from a little guy! I like you! Hey, you should take a look around and make sure nobody else is around before you start shooting arrows.
Rolf: I KNOW that! Don’t talk to me like a baby!
Marcia: Sheesh! All right! Touchy…

B Support

Marcia: Incredible! You hit the target twenty-six times in a row!
Rolf: Well, my goal was thirty.
Marcia: That’s a lofty goal, and you came close! You’re becoming an impressive archer, Rolf!
Rolf: But I can’t afford to miss a single shot in battle. The man who taught me how to fire a bow told me that once… I can’t be happy with just twenty-six hits.
Marcia: You push yourself hard, Rolf. That’s admirable.
Rolf: Aren’t you strict with yourself, Marcia?
Marcia: Hm? What, me? Pfff! Of course! I’m stricter than a poached egg on toast! “Be firm with yourself and others!” That’s what the first officer in my old unit told me. But you’re still…
Rolf: A child? I’m not a child. Those days ended the instant I took my first life.
Marcia: …I suppose you’re right. You’ve had to grow up fast traveling with a group of hardened sellswords like this.
Rolf: Do you worry about me because I’m young?
Marcia: Well…sure. Who wouldn’t?
Rolf: Well, stop it. I can take care of myself. I’ve grown strong.
Marcia: True enough. Sorry if I underestimated you.

A Support

Marcia: You landed every one of your shots!
Rolf: Hitting the target isn’t good enough. My instructor once told me that I should be able to strike the gaps between armor plates.
Marcia: That’s nearly impossible…but maybe you’ll be that good one day. Hold on… Rolf, let me see your hands.
Rolf: My hands?
Marcia: Oh, barnacles! Your hands are covered with blisters! And you’re bleeding! Why are you still practicing like this? What’s wrong with you!?
Rolf: It hurt at first, but my hands went numb after a while–so I just kept plucking arrows out of my quiver.
Marcia: Holy crow, Rolf… You’re tough, I’ll give you that. Hold still. I know I have a vulnerary around here… There, found it. This may sting a little.
Rolf: Thank-YOOOOWWWCCHHH!!! Hey, that hurt!
Marcia: That’s nothing for a deadly mercenary like you. Right, Rolf?
Rolf: A deadly mercenary? You really think so?
Marcia: Yes, and it’s not just your bowmanship. You’re quite tenacious. You’re so focused on hitting your targets that you don’t even feel pain. Few people are that determined.
Rolf: Does that mean I’ll be able to make a difference? Will I be able to protect them when they’re in danger?
Marcia: I’ll tell you one thing…the enemy better stay out of bowshot, or you’ll turn him into a porcupine!
Rolf: Thanks, Marcia. I promise to protect you, too.
Marcia: Rolf… I’ll look out for you, too. Why… Aw, nuts. …Did you have to grow up so fast?