Mordecai & Ranulf

C Support

Ranulf: Heya, Mordecai! What’s up, ya’ big cat?!
Mordecai: Ranulf! It’s been a while.
Ranulf: Yes, it has. Thanks for all your work. I heard about how fiercely you’ve fought alongside these mercenaries.
Mordecai: Is that so? I am glad to help. Ike is a good beorc…strong and loyal. He is worth fighting for.
Ranulf: Did you have a chance to get to know some of the other mercenaries?
Mordecai: Some. Grrr… I have a question, Ranulf. Do I speak well in this tongue?
Ranulf: You’re fine, Mordecai. Sure, you have an accent, and you tend to growl a lot, but the beorc can understand.
Mordecai: These words are hard to me. As a cat, I need no hard words. One roar is enough for all the forest to understand.
Ranulf: That may be true, but the beorc can’t begin to understand the nuance of our roars. We would only scare them.
Mordecai: Yes. You are right. There are good beorcs here. Scaring them would be…bad.

B Support

Mordecai: Zzzzzz… Zzzzzzz… Puuuurrrrrzzzzz…
Ranulf: Heya, Mordecai! Oh… Are you sleeping?
Mordecai: Hmm… Aoooooouuughh… Ranulf?
Ranulf: Oh! You’re up. Boy, how can you sleep out in the open like that? You and Ike have one thing in common, and that’s iron nerves.
Mordecai: I trust Ike and his pack. They keep this place safe.
Ranulf: Ahh, I see… Say, Mordecai… I noticed something the last time I saw you fight. You sometimes close your eyes when you attack the enemy. Why is that?
Mordecai: …You have sharp eyes.
Ranulf: So why do you do that?
Mordecai: I have no taste for watching my enemies tear into long shreds. I must fight hard. I must kill beorc and laguz…but I do not like it. So I close my eyes.
Ranulf: Is that the reason you miss sometimes?
Mordecai: …You see much.
Ranulf: Yeah, I’m just full of handy talents. Too bad. It’s a bit of a waste. If it wasn’t for your big ol’ heart, you’d be a more efficient soldier.
Mordecai: I’m…sorry…
Ranulf: Don’t be sorry, Mordecai. You are who you are.
Mordecai: …

A Support

Mordecai: Grrr… I am…sorry, Ranulf.
Ranulf: What’s the matter, Mordecai?
Mordecai: I have thought about what you said. But I can’t change how I fight. It is the way I am.
Ranulf: Oh… I know.
Mordecai: I am a warrior, so I fight. I want to defend my people…and my friends… So I fight. But I can only fight like I know how.
Ranulf: You’ve always been that way. I mean, you like to take naps with the squirrels! Like I said, you have a big heart.
Mordecai: …Sorry.
Ranulf: Don’t apologize. Don’t worry about it.
Mordecai: Maybe… I cause trouble for Ike and his pack. Maybe I am a burden. This pains me.
Ranulf: You’re no burden, Mordecai. You fight hard for Ike. Now we must continue to fight to end this war.
Mordecai: You speak truth. I want this war to end!
Ranulf: Then let’s get out there and crush the enemy!
Mordecai: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!