Muarim & Largo

C Support

Largo: Whoa there! Your arms are huge!! How’d you get that big?
Muarim: …?
Largo: I mean, my arms are pretty massive… but those babies are something else!
Muarim: You have big muscles, too…
Largo: Ba ha ha ha! Brute force is about the only thing I’ve got going for me! Hey, why are you carrying those water jugs?
Muarim: I’m taking them to the well.
Largo: You’re filling all those jugs? They’ve got to weigh as much as an ox once you get water in them! One, two, three, four, five… You’ve got quite a handful there. Let me give you a hand.
Muarim: You don’t have to do that.
Largo: Aw, heck! It’s no problem! I may not be able to cast a bunch of fancy spells, but I can carry heavy stuff as well as any man or beast!
Muarim: …All right, then. Let us go.

B Support

Largo: How goes it, Muarim?
Muarim: Largo. Thanks for your help the other day.
Largo: Bwa ha ha ha! That was nothing. You know, I’ve traveled all around the world, and I’ve never seen someone as burly as you. I’m pretty stout, but I bet you could mop the floor with me… So who do you think could lift the most?
Muarim: It’s hard to say…
Largo: The heaviest thing I ever lifted was this tree I cut down. It was three times my size! What about you?
Muarim: Well… One time, I chiseled rocks from a mountain and carried them up to repair a castle wall.
Largo: Rocks?! How big were they?
Muarim: Mmm…big. Taller than me.
Largo: That’s incredible! …Hey, how do you feel about a little strength competition? I bet we’d be pretty evenly matched!
Muarim: No, that’s just…
Largo: Don’t be so uptight! Come on! It’ll be fun!
Muarim: …Hmmm… All right… But just this once!

A Support

Largo: Hey, Muarim! That lifting competition we had the other day was epic!
Muarim: Yes. It was a good time.
Largo: People got interested when we were seeing who could lift the most cured hams! That crowd was huge!
Muarim: Mmm… It got a bit out of hand when we started lifting people.
Largo: Bwa ha ha! We were neck and neck right until the end. The last thing I stacked on my back was that big smoked ham, but then you picked up that girl! What was her name again?
Muarim: Mist.
Largo: Yeah, that’s her. We could have settled the competition if we had known which was heavier. Huh! I still think it was the ham…
Muarim: You were quite amazing.
Largo: Amazing? Me? Naw, not Largo! You were the incredible one!
Muarim: I’m not talking about how many hams you lifted. You were able to draw everyone together. It gave them a laugh, despite the stress of battle. Everyone had a chance to relax and blow off some steam.
Largo: Well, everybody deserves a good belly laugh! Bwaaaaa haa haa haaaaaa!!
Muarim: You also treat me and everyone else the same. You are a good beorc.
Largo: Bwa ha ha! I just call it like I see it! I don’t deserve any credit for that. For now, let’s call our match a tie. How about some arm wrestling next time? There’s no way you can beat me at that!
Muarim: Hah! We shall see!