Nephenee & Calill

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Calill: Hm? Hey, you there! Hold on!
Nephenee: …?
Calill: Why is a pretty girl like you covering her face with an unfashionable helmet like that? The world should see your beauty! It’s a travesty, I tell you! A veritable crime against nature! Oh, and where is your makeup?
Nephenee: Well, I ain’t really…a makeup kind of gal.
Calill: …Ain’t? Where are you from, missy?
Nephenee: I’m from…around.
Calill: Such an unsociable girl! Well, you can’t fool Calill! I know why you’re not much of a talker. You’re embarrassed about your country accent and low speech, are you not?
Nephenee: H-how do you…
Calill: How do I know that? Well, I used to have a…friend with the same problem.
Nephenee: You? But you’re from the city! And you’re so–
Calill: Elegant? Yes, indeed. Quite so. Oh, but I have an absolutly splended idea… I’ll teach you to talk like a true lady! Having a rube like you around will just make me miss the city, anyway. I’ll even show you how to put on makeup!
Nephenee: I… I ain’t–
Calill: Tsk! A lady never says such things! I can see this will be a bit of work… Well, you leave everything to me, missy!
Nephenee: …

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Calill: Oh, hello again! How are you? Have you been studying your grammar? Hmm… Let’s check your makeup.
Nephenee: Calill–
Calill: Shush! Now look up… Higher! Hmm… Not bad. A little light perhaps… But this helmet has got to go!
Nephenee: Aw, that’s all right. Everyone’ll stare if I take it off.
Calill: Why, my dear missy! Are you finally starting to believe in your own beauty?
Nephenee: Oh, I ain’t–
Calill: Tsk! True ladies don’t say “ain’t”! And it’s a dastardly lie, anyway. Look at you! You’re gorgeous! A splended face, plus that fantastic figure, and yet you hide it under armor? Oooh! I’m so jealous I could scream!
Nephenee: But I ain– I mean, I can’t hold my head up like you. I’m just a country girl.
Calill: Yes, it seems like a burden to always worry about how others see you. But I’ll tell you a secret… People in the city are cold! They don’t care about anyone but themselves!
Nephenee: Not you, Calill! You’re kind.
Calill: Me? Oh. Hm… I guess I am. Well, perhaps not everyone from the city is so cold… Don’t you give up, Nephenee! Trust me! You have charm! You’ll be the talk of the society pages in no time!
Nephenee: Thank you.

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Calill: Oh? What’s in the bag? Did you run an errand, Nephenee?
Nephenee: I saw some beedle nuts on the trees near here so…
Calill: Oh, I see. And what, pray tell, is a beedle nut?
Nephenee: Oh, they’re swell! We use the oil on the shell to treat insect bites.
Calill: Oh? I had no idea there was such a thing. We don’t have such trees in the city… My, country wisdom is amazing! Oh, but listen to me ramble! May I sample one of your nuts?
Nephenee: Well, sure but… Oh, be careful, Calill! The shell is real sticky! Don’t touch it with your bare hands.
Calill: Ah, I see. But perhaps if I hold the top and bottom edges of the shell like so… The oil won’t contact my skin.
Nephenee: W-what? How did you…?
Calill: Mmm… Delicious!
Nephenee: …You’re not from the city at all!
Calill: Shush! You didn’t see anything! I’m a sophisticated urbanite, right?
Nephenee: …
Calill: What? Surprised? Oh, come now. You’re not the only one who doesn’t want to be known as a country bumpkin. That’s why I know how you feel.
Nephenee: Oh… But…now I know that I can be like you if I work hard. That makes me happy. I will… I will work hard, Calill.
Calill: Hallelujah! She sees the light! Now you just have to find a good man to bring back to your village!