Oscar & Janaff

C Support

Oscar: Um… Hi there.
Janaff: Yes?
Oscar: Hello! …Um… Nice weather today!
Janaff: Can I help you with something?
Oscar: No, not really. I’m just…
Janaff: So, you want nothing from me then? What an odd fellow. Well then, I’ll be going. I don’t get these beorc at all.
Oscar: Dangit, Oscar! You messed that up! Stupid! Stupid! Aw, how am I supposed to do this?! I’ve never dealt with these bird tribes before… But we’re allies! We have to learn to communicate with each other… I’ll do it right next time!

B Support

Oscar: Uh…hey there.
Janaff: Yes?
Oscar: We meet again! Ha ha! Haaa… Uh…sorry about the other day. I don’t have much…experience talking to laguz, so… Hey, is there anything you don’t understand about our company?! Maybe I can help!
Janaff: No, not particularly. Why?
Oscar: Well, I just thought… I mean, I have a young brother that’s just about your age… …Come on, Oscar, get it together… Um… Wow, you laguz are just so incredible! I mean, even a small kid like yourself can fight so–
Janaff: Did you just call me a child?!
Oscar: W-what’s wrong?
Janaff: See here! I’m not a child! I’m over 100 years old!
Oscar: Wha…? A hundred…years…?
Janaff: I don’t know how old you are, but no one calls me a child to my face and lives to tell about it! Don’t you EVER call me that again! Got it, human!?
Oscar: Oh yeah, got it! Totally! Look, I’m really…
Oscar: Darn it, Oscar! Stupid! So stupid! Now you’ve really ticked him off! Man, what was I thinking? Now I have to go apologize. Again! Probably screw that up, too… Aaargh! So stupid!

A Support

Oscar: Uuuummm…
Janaff: Yes? Oh. You.
Oscar: Look, I’m really, really sorry about what I said the other day. Please forgive my ignorance.
Janaff: Ha! Well…I guess it’s all right. As long as you don’t do it again. By the way, how old are you? I can never tell with you beorc.
Oscar: I’m twenty-four.
Janaff: Twenty-four!? TWENTY-FOUR?! You don’t even have a full set of feathers yet! You’re a child! A suckling babe! I can’t believe that the beorc send children out to battle! How can you be so cold and heartless?!
Oscar: Uh…well–
Janaff: What’s your name, little one?
Oscar: O-Oscar?
Janaff: Janaff. But you can call me Uncle Janny. No wonder you said such rude things. Heck, I’m surprised you can even talk!
Oscar: Yeah, it’s…um…surprising all right. I’m pretty bright for my age.
Janaff: Well, it’s the duty of an elder to guide an ignorant child until he can fly. I forgive your rude remarks. If you ever need anything, come find me. If you have a bad nightmare or something, Unkie Janny will tuck you in. All right?
Oscar: Y-yes. Of course. Thank you. That’ll be…a real help.