Reyson & Tanith

C Support

Tanith: Do you have a moment, Prince Reyson?
Reyson: Oh, you’re the apostle’s…
Tanith: Yes, Your Highness. My name is Tanith, and I lead Begnion’s holy guard of pegasus knights.
Reyson: What brings you here?
Tanith: I wanted to let you know that the apostle has ordered me to keep you safe. She is quite sincere in her desire to help.
Reyson: She seeks redemption for what happened all those years ago, does she? I have no need for bodyguards. I can protect myself.
Tanith: I mean no disrespect, Your Highness, but even the youngest child in Begnion knows the heron clan abhors fighting. If you refuse to fight, how will you protect yourself?
Reyson: That is my own concern. Not yours.
Tanith: I beg to differ. I am under imperial orders. I cannot abandon my duty, and so your safety is very much my concern.
Reyson: Your beorc orders do not affect me. I have wasted enough time with you. Now excuse me.
Tanith: His body seems so frail, but his will is strong. He’s not going to make it easy for me to protect him. What am I to do?

B Support

Tanith: Your Highness.
Reyson: Tanith.
Tanith: It looks like you’ve healed quite nicely from that wound you sustained in our last battle.
Reyson: …
Tanith: I don’t mean to sound disrespectful, Your Highness, but I feel it’s reckless for you to join us on the battlefield. Several soldiers from my retinue have complained that, when they try to protect you, you charge headlong into danger. Please, stay out of harm’s way and allow us to guard you. Your behavior endangers us all.
Reyson: I will remain on the battlefield until Commander Ike tells me he no longer has need of my powers. No one else may command me.
Tanith: But, Your Highness–!
Reyson: That having been said, I appreciate your concern. But again, I need no bodyguards. Now stop following me!
Tanith: …If it weren’t for that imperial order, he’d need a bodyguard to protect him from ME.

A Support

Tanith: Your Highness. I owe you my thanks. Your songs saved my life the other day.
Reyson: I am glad you are safe. I have never seen your pegasus balk before an enemy. She usually moves so swiftly.
Tanith: We’ve been fighting so hard lately. I think she must have been exhausted. She didn’t want to let me down… If you had not sung your galdr then… I don’t like to think what could have happened–to her or to me. Again, I thank you, Your Highness.
Reyson: Do you still think I am of no value because I do not fight?
Tanith: No, Your Highness. I hadn’t realized how valuable you could be. I was arrogant, and I was wrong. To think I’d intended to protect you, and yet you wound up saving me. I have dishonored Begnion.
Reyson: It does not matter. As long as you understand that I need no protection.
Tanith: No, it matters quite a bit. I’m in over my head. I cannot remain here, not after this humiliation. I return at once to Begnion. There, I shall await the judgment of the apostle.
Reyson: You jest! It was a minor tactical error. You needn’t abandon us for–
Tanith: No… Dishonorable discharge is the only path left for me… The apostle charged me with a task, and I have failed her.
Reyson: If you will not listen to reason, then I see only one recourse. I appoint you as my escort. You have fulfilled your apostle’s orders.
Tanith: But, Your Highness, I have already seen that I will be nothing but a burden to you. How can I protect you?
Reyson: I will protect you. We will protect one another. Remain here, and fulfill your duty.
Tanith: Your Highness, I would be pleased to accept your appointment. I have misjudged you once. I swear I shall not do it again.