Rhys & Mia

C Support

Mia: Oh… It’s you? YOU!? RHYS!? Well, can’t be picky, I guess… Hiyaaa! Take this weapon, cur!
Rhys: Um… Oh, hello, Mia. What is this? A sword? Yes, I think that’s right… Ooof! It’s heavy!
Mia: Yessir! Who would have thought it was gonna be you!? Funny, that. Now… Get ready! En garde!
Rhys: Yaaaa! Wait! S-stop, please! I don’t know what’s going on! I c-can’t use weapons!
Mia: Whaaat!? Oh, come on. You can use them a little, right? Riiiight?
Rhys: No! I’ve never even touched one before… B-but if you just want me to hold it, I can. Hmmm… I hold this end, right?
Mia: …Oh, this is so disappointing! I had my fortune read the other day, and the old crone told me that I’d soon come across my one true foe! “With white robes flowing in the breeze, your archrival rides toward you…” Oh, I was so looking forward to it!
Rhys: Um…sorry to disappoint you. I’m pretty sure that it’s not me.
Mia: Aw, it’s not your fault, Rhys. I was just prepped for a big fight with my archrival, and then you came walking by… Thought maybe it was you, you know?
Rhys: Um… I can just stand here and hold the sword if you want to hit it a few times.
Mia: Nah, forget it. I don’t want you to get hurt. I’ll give up for today… Shucks.

B Support

Rhys: Oh, hello, Mia. Um… You’re not going to throw a sword at me again, are you?
Mia: Huh? Oh, heya, Rhys. I was hoping to run into someone today… And guess what? You showed up!
Rhys: Ahhh! Not that fortune-telling again! L-look, I d-didn’t mean to interrupt you… Let me just back away now…
Mia: No! Stick around! I could be wrong. Maybe fortune-telling can’t predict the future after all… Too bad! That crone had a great reputation. Wait… Maaaaaybe…
Rhys: Yes?
Mia: Do you want to train with me, Rhys?
Rhys: Huh?
Mia: Oh, why didn’t I see it before! You have what it takes to be a legendary swordsman! You just don’t realize it yet. There is awesome potential within you. And when you finally realize it, you’ll end up clashing with me as my grand archrival!
Rhys: Hah! Haaa…. Um… I don’t think that’s likely to happen, Mia. Although…it’s true that I once wanted to be a fighter, back when I was a frail child.
Mia: Aha! I knew it! You can’t give up unharnessed talent like yours just because you’re frail! Give it a try. C’mon! I’ll train you myself! We’ll start with the basics.
Rhys: You…will?
Mia: Of course…even if I am training the man that will one day be my most hated rival! We better get cracking!

A Support

Mia: Uhhh…look, I’m really sorry. It looks like I pushed you a little hard.
Rhys: No…I wanted to be a myrmidon. And I had fun… Well…before the cramps started. Oooh, the cramps… Yaaaaa…
Mia: Are you sure you’re well? You’ve been running a fever for days! Are you really going to battle like this?
Rhys: It’ll be fine. I’m not overdoing it. I’ll just support everyone from the rearguard. And I’ll have you looking out for me, right?
Mia: Of course! I feel responsible for your safety. I always try to look out for you and make sure you’re holding up. You know, I’ve been thinking for a bit… And… Um… And I’ve decided to stop believing in fortune-telling.
Rhys: Well…maybe the fortune’s meaning was just mixed up–
Mia: Hogwash! No more excuses! It’s all a bunch of hooey! But hey, wait a second… “With white robes flowing in the breeze, your archrival rides toward you…” …RIDES toward you… Could he be a mounted soldier and not a myrmidon?
Rhys: Huh?
Mia: You may be horse-riding material, Rhys. Yeah, that’s it! Marching is a lot easier on horseback. Wouldn’t that be better for you?
Rhys: What!? Me on h-horseback!?
Mia: Yeah! You wear white, too! Don’t you think you’d look dashing on horseback!? Swing your staff from the top of a horse and I’ll fight in style beside you!
Rhys: Whoa…hold it right there, Mia…
Mia: All right! It’s settled, then! We’ve got to get you training!
Rhys: Hold it! You’ve got the wrong guy…
Mia: No, I don’t. We’re destined to meet!
Rhys: We are?
Mia: Yes! I can’t think of anyone else that could be the man of my destiny!
Rhys: D-destiny!? Wait a second… I thought I was your archrival!
Mia: Never mind the details! I am counting on you, Rhys!