Rhys & Rolf

C Support

Rolf: Rhys!
Rhys: Hello, Rolf. Oof! Thanks for the hug! Why are you running like that? Did something happen?
Rolf: Nope. I just ran because I saw you! Say, how are you feeling?
Rhys: Today I feel fine, thanks. I did light exercise this morning and finished all my breakfast.
Rolf: Oh, I’m glad to hear that! When it’s hard for you, let me know! I remember when you used to get sick and stay in bed all the time! But here you are, fighting every day.
Rhys: Ha! I remember those days… This new job is hard sometimes, but it’s nice to be with everyone.
Rolf: I know! All that you and me and Mist ever did was stay behind at the stupid fort while everyone else was fighting. Being left alone was sad and scary, huh?
Rhys: Yes, I suppose it was… Remember the time we heard Commander Greil discussing that dangerous mission in the strategy room? When our friends left the fort, the three of us prayed so hard for their safe return… Those were the longest days of my life.
Rolf: That’s why I’m scared to fight sometimes… But I still think it’s good that we’re fighting together now!
Rhys: Positive thoughts are always a help. It’s pointless to focus on the negative all the time.
Rolf: You said it, Rhys! Let’s think positively! Otherwise, I…
Rhys: Otherwise what, Rolf?
Rolf: Oh, um…nothing! I gotta go see Mist now. See you later, Rhys!
Rhys: Hmm…

B Support

Rolf: Oh, Rhys! What’s wrong?
Rhys: Hm? Nothing, Rolf.
Rolf: Are you feeling sick? Are you gonna barf?
Rhys: No, no. What makes you think that?
Rolf: Don’t lie! I can tell! Your hands and face always turn pale when you’re sick! Let me see your hands!
Rhys: Hey, stop that! I’m only wearing gloves because they’re fashionable right now! Don’t take those…
Rolf: AHA! They’re cold! Cold as ice! You’re supposed to tell me when you’re having a rough time of it!
Rhys: …Sorry, Rolf. But I’m well enough to move around a battlefield, so I’ll be all right.
Rolf: You’re talking about a battlefield, Rhys! Not some fort! Don’t pretend to be fine if you’re not! You’ll end up dead if you keep doing stuff like that!
Rhys: Rolf… I… I’m sorry…
Rolf: Hmph!
Rhys: I’m really sorry, Rolf. I wish… Cough! I wish I wasn’t so frail. It would be nice to be strong.
Rolf: Well, I wish your staff could heal sicknesses and not just big gaping axe wounds!
Rhys: So do I…Sigh… I wish I had a better plan than just waiting for it to pass.
Rolf: Well, I’ll ask Ike to let us fight together. At least then I can keep an eye on you.
Rhys: Thanks, Rolf…

A Support

Rolf: Rhys?
Rhys: Rolf? What’s up?
Rolf: You’re feeling better today, huh? I’m glad. You were so sick last time…
Rhys: All I ever do is cause you to worry… Maybe I should just leave the mercenaries. I don’t want to be a burd–
Rolf: No! You’re wrong! That’s not what I meant at all!
Rhys: I know, Rolf. But… It’s hard for me. The fighting is difficult enough, but to cause everyone grief on top of it… And it’s not just you, either. I cause Ike and Titania trouble, too. Maybe I’ll just pack my things–
Rolf: N-no! I don’t want you to go! If you leave, I’ll cry! I wasn’t blaming you, you know? You can’t help being barfy all the time.
Rhys: Rolf…
Rolf: Oh, that’s not what I meant. Listen, just count on me, all right? I’ll help you.
Rhys: What did you say?
Rolf: Fighting our enemies is really scary! In fact, once I almost wet my… Anyway! I don’t want anyone to die. Before, all I could do was wait and pray, but now I can fight and defend everyone! That makes it easier to focus.
Rhys: I understand.
Rolf: That’s why I want to defend you, Rhys! If I know that I always have to defend you, it will make me less scared. And the more I do it, the stronger I get! So don’t you dare leave us!
Rhys: Rolf… You… You’ve really grown up. All right, it’s a deal! I won’t hide anything from now on. And I’ll count on you, too! You can be my very own knight in leather armor!
Rolf: Yeah, that’ll be great! …Um, hey, Rhys? Don’t tell anyone that I almost… All right?