Rhys & Ulki

C Support

Rhys: Um… H-hello! Hello there!
Ulki: Mmm?
Rhys: Er… I’m… I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to make you mad! I just wanted to talk to–
Ulki: I’m not mad. Can I help you with something?
Rhys: Ooh! Oooooh! I’m so glad! I’m Rhys! N-nice to meet you!
Ulki: Er…hello. I am Ulki.
Rhys: Er… Well… Say, you can really fly with those wings, huh?! I saw you turn into a hawk before… It was amazing! I envy you!
Ulki: Mrrr?
Rhys: Oh, sorry… That probably sounds weird. I’ve always been sickly. When I was little, I spent a lot of time in bed. So… I used to gaze out the window and see all the little birds flying around the sky… It must be fantastic! Flying wherever you want, whenever you want?!
Ulki: Um… Fantastic. Yes. I suppose. I never thought of it.
Rhys: Oh, I don’t blame you! After all, you’ve been flying since you were born… Soaring through the skies like a puffy cloud!
Ulki: Mmm? Clouds do not soar… I am confused.

B Support

Rhys: Ulki!
Ulki: Oh, the sickly beorc. Hello.
Rhys: I had the honor of seeing you battle the other day! Your 360-degree loops were extraordinary!
Ulki: …I did a loop?
Rhys: And right after that, you circled many times and then dived at that soldier… BLAM!! Hee hee! Oh, you’re something else!
Ulki: Well… I suppose…
Rhys: Oh, how I wish I could soar through the air like that!
Ulki: Er, yes. You mentioned that.
Rhys: On sunny days, I’d take to the skies and land on a high mountain peak, then gaze down on the villages below… Oh, just thinking about it makes me so happy! Ahhhhh… Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh…
Ulki: Er…yes. I suppose… Flying could also help you take care of injured people.
Rhys: Hey, that’s a great thought! I could just zoom right over and treat the victim! I’d love to do it!
Ulki: Hmm… Well… Do you want to… give it a try?
Rhys: Huh!? But h-how!? I don’t have wings or anything… Oh, wait… Are you serious?!
Ulki: …

A Support

Rhys: Ulki! Oh, my dear friend Ulki! I’m so looking forward to the next battle! I mean, fighting is terrifying and I’d like to avoid it and all that… But I’m going to be so useful!
Ulki: I’m glad to hear–
Rhys: But I have to hang on to your back! No matter what… Oh, may I practice with you just one more time? Please? Pleeeeease?
Ulki: Er… No. I can’t use up any more energy before battle…
Rhys: Oh, I see… I apologize… Yes, very sorry… Um… Say… Does shifting tire you?
Ulki: Yes.
Rhys: What!? Oh no! But… You let me practice with you! For days! Yesterday we flew for nine hours!
Ulki: Well… It was my fault for not saying anything. You looked so happy that… I didn’t have a chance to bring it up.
Rhys: You know what? I think you’re pale… And your eyes are all bloodshot… … I’m sorry… Let’s just forget it…
Ulki: Perhaps we should. It might be dangerous for me to go into battle like this.
Rhys: I agree…
Ulki: But…if we ever have some free time, I will take you on a ride.
Rhys: Whooo-hoooo! Yes, thank you! That would be great, Ulki!!